Webinars on Demand: Legal and Compliance

Should I Incorporate My Business?

May 31, 2023 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

Discussing the pros and cons of incorporation with SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants. Speaker SRJ Chartered Accountants Original Broadcast May 31, 2023 Watch the Webinar Additional Resources Should I Incorporate My Business? Presentation Slides

In this webinar, the CCPA Claims Team will share stories from real cases to demonstrate how incidents in practice can happen despite our best intentions. You’ll learn about how best practices in record keeping and evaluation can make or break the outcomes of liability cases. Speakers Dr. Dean Wright, Dr. Shima Shahidy, Dr. Kathryn Wheatley [...]

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) is a government agency accountable for administering Ontario’s no-fault collective liability workplace insurance. This webinar will provide an overview of the mandate of the WSIB, the healthcare continuum of programs, and an update on the community programs for 2021. Speakers Carly Howe - Director, Health Services, WSIB Maia [...]

This webinar will provide you with a refresher on the critical Roadmap to Care and its principles. The CCPA claims team will present some case studies that demonstrate how regularly returning to the Roadmap will help you manage risk for you and your patients. Speaker(s): CCPA Claims Officers - Dr. Shima Shahidy, Dr. Kathryn Wheatley [...]

In this webinar, the CCPA Claims team will highlight some important insights to help you manage risk in your practice. They will examine some of the things that can go wrong in practice and how we can learn from these cases. Speaker Dr. Shima Shahidy and Dr. Kathryn Wheatley, CCPA Claims Officers Original Broadcast October [...]

Learn about the Canadian Life and Health Insurance Association. How does insurance work and who makes the decisions around, for instance, who can prescribe? Learn about the CLHIA and members approach to anti-Fraud, the various steps taken, including delisting of practitioners. What is the industry doing to combat fraud? We'll give you an overview of [...]

As a new organization, FSRA has already achieved notable results including strengthening the voice of the public, driving forward on regulatory innovation and reducing regulatory burden. Join us in a discussion of how Health Service Providers are part of FSRA’s priorities and how FSRA is working to ensure financial safety, fairness and choice for consumers [...]

Please note that this webinar has been postponed due to technical difficulties and will be rescheduled at a later date. We apologize for any inconvenience.  Data has been described as the gold of the 21st century. An immensely valuable resource, it is mined from our daily digital interactions by researchers, governments, and corporations alike. Extended [...]

The PC government has proposed reform to the Auto Insurance System in Ontario and the License Appeal Tribunal (LAT) hears disputes arising from auto insurance claims. There are multiple decisions that will define Minor Injuries and exceptions, including discussion on chronic pain. Dr. Rajwani will provide updates based on recent government working groups and a [...]

The importance of wills, powers of attorney and other estate planning tools to protect your estate will be discussed – from estate/asset Legislation, dependents' or creditors’ claims and paying estate administration tax that could have been avoided. Speaker Meghan O’Neil, Mills & Mills LLP Original Broadcast January 16, 2019 Watch Webinar Additional Resources Succession [...]