Our OCA Awards honour chiropractors and professionals who inspire, deliver exceptional health care and lead our profession forward.

Celebrating Excellence in the Chiropractic Profession in Ontario


We’re committed to ensuring that award recipients reflect the breadth and depth of our membership and professional community.*

This is your opportunity to nominate chiropractic professionals, leaders and advocates who deserve to be recognized and celebrated. When you nominate a chiropractor for an award, you share the story of their incredible professional achievements, as well as the evolution of chiropractic care, across our province.

Anyone can submit a nomination, such as a health team member or patient with an interest in the chiropractic profession.

Award Eligibility

To be eligible to win an award an any category except for the CHA award, a nominee:

  • Must be a practising chiropractor who is an OCA member in good standing
  • Must not be a current member of the Awards Committee responsible for the award for which they are nominated
  • Must have contributed to the chiropractic profession in an award category
  • Must not be a full-time employee of the OCA, CCA, CCPA, CMCC, CCO or WFC, or the OCA Board of Directors but may be employed part-time at a chiropractic organization (including CMCC), provided they are in practice.

Award Recipients’ Commitments

Award recipients agree to participate in OCA events and other communication opportunities, including in-person speaking, webinars, attendance at other events, writing articles for the OCA, as requested. The minimum commitment for the year is three hours. Recipients of the Chiropractor of the Year, Researcher of the Year and Heart and Hands awards may expect additional commitment time.

Award Presentations

Each year, our OCA Awards are presented at the annual OCA Awards Gala. Learn more about the Awards Gala and past award recipients.

OCA Award Categories

All six of our awards celebrate excellence in the chiropractic profession in Ontario. For each category, we describe the award and the criteria award recipients must meet.

Please note, due to the distinctive and special nature of each award, we reserve the right not to select a recipient in any or all award categories in a given year.

Visit each category to learn more:

Watch for updates about OCA Awards on this page and in the OCA Bulletin