Mentorship Program

This 2020, our Mentorship Program is expanding to offer you a more diverse range of leadership, coaching, networking and learning experiences to accommodate your diverse needs and busy schedule.


Benefits of Mentorship

Through this program, we provide opportunities for your to engage in long and short-term mentoring relationships with networking special events and online learning. When you participate in our mentorship program, you can earn structured Continuing Education (CE) credits and a Certificate of Completion.

Earn CE Credits

Through our mentorship program, OCA members like you can earn CE credits, as approved by the CCO.

As part of the credit process, both mentees and mentors need to maintain a record of their communication activities, such as phone calls, meet ups and resource sharing throughout the program. Completing CE credits is a fundamental part of your career growth and CCO membership.

For more details on how to earn CE credits, please see the CCO Handbook.

Mentorship Program Certificate of Completion

Upon completion of the six-month mentoring program period, you’ll receive a Certificate of Completion. This certificate recognizes mentees and mentors who have dedicated their time to help build interprofessional relationships within the profession.

To be awarded this certificate, you must:

  • Attend or view a recording of the orientation mentorship meeting
  • Meet a minimum of six hours participation time (one hour each month for the continuous six month period)
  • Complete and submit the following forms to us –
    • Mentor-Mentee Relationship Agreement
    • Mid-Evaluation form
    • Final Evaluation form


For the OCA Mentorship program to succeed, it’s essential that we all respect the confidentiality of the mentee / mentor relationship.

Using or sharing personal/confidential information outside of the Mentorship Program is strictly prohibited. If there is any breach of confidentiality, the person responsible will be discharged from the mentorship program. Depending on the nature of the breach, more severe consequences may also be applied.

The Mentorship Program is a volunteer program between two or more consenting chiropractors.

In no event shall the OCA be liable to either the Mentor or the Mentee or any other person, for any direct, indirect, consequential special, incidental reliance, punitive or any other damages or for any lost profits or loss of data or any other commercial or economic loss of any kind, even if advised of the possibility thereof or for any claim against the Mentor or Mentee or by any other party.

* Under no circumstances should either party engage in any dialogue or conduct that causes psychological, emotional, physical and /or financial harm to the other party.

Matching Our Mentees and Mentors

We match candidates, based on their mutual goals, relevant expertise, experience and location, if applicable.

We will inform you of your mentee or mentor via email. Please have patience, as sometimes we are not always able to match participants immediately.

Once there has been a match, we encourage both the mentee and mentor to reach out and contact each other. You have various options for meeting, including  in person, by video conference, telephone and/or email.

Should any conflicts or concerns arise during the program, please contact the Manager, Member Programs & Engagement immediately.

Become A Mentee

As a mentee, you have the opportunity to work with experienced chiropractors, who can help you achieve your career goals, expand your network and fulfill your professional development. Spending time with a mentor will give you insights into your career journey, as well as the opportunity to ask questions about starting and managing a practice.


Are you eligible to be Mentee?

Here’s what we look for in a mentee:

  • A recent grad or a practising chiropractor looking for opportunities to learn from informal coaching and guidance
  • An OCA member in good standing
  • A candidate with the available time to honour their program commitments

Due to the distinctive and special nature of the program, we reserve the right not to select a mentee in any or all of the mentorship programs.

Check our Tips for Mentees  resource (including Great Questions You Can Ask) for more details.

Mentorship Program Forms for you to complete:

  • Program Application form
  • Application Agreement

Become a Mentor?

Get involved and enjoy the satisfaction of helping the next generation of chiropractors develop professionally.

As a mentor, you also get to expand your network of contacts and tap into fresh new ideas and industry trends. Mentoring is a valuable two-way learning experience that benefits both the mentor and mentee.


Are you eligible to be Mentor?

Here’s what we look for in our Mentors:

  • Must be a practising chiropractor with practice, clinic or research experience, within the last three years
  • History or experience with career coaching, educating and providing informal guidance
  • OCA members in good standing
  • Agreement to participate in OCA events and other communication opportunities, such as in-person speaking, webinars, attendance at other events, writing articles for the OCA, etc., as requested. The minimum commitment for the year is three hours

Due to the distinctive and special nature of the program, we reserve the right not to select a mentor in any or all of the mentorship programs.

Check our Tips for Mentors resource for details.

Mentor Forms for you to complete:

  • Program Application form
  • Application Agreement