Member Experience Team (MET)

If you’re an OCA member, please log in to your Self-Serve Member Portal to reach our Member Experience Team (MET) and receive support within 48 hours. We’re here to ensure you attain maximum value from your member benefits.

We’re available Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. to help you and your team troubleshoot issues and overcome any practice obstacles.

Communications and Media Relations

If you’re an OCA member and require communications, marketing, or digital (e.g., social media) support, contact your OCA communications team at If a member of the media contacts you, or you require media relations support, please email your OCA media relations team at Someone will get back to you within 48 hours.

If you’re a member of the media, please contact the OCA media relations team at and check our Media Room page for news releases and other resources.

Senior Leadership Team

Caroline Brereton

Chief Executive Officer
cbrereton [at]

Jim Wright

VP, Corporate Member Programs and Chief Information Officer
Jwright [at]

Leslie Hetherington

VP, Strategic Communications and Marketing
lhetherington [at]
Communications Strategy and Oversight, Marketing, Issues Management, Digital Communications, Podcasts


Deborah Gibson

Office Manager
dgibson [at]
Senior Management, Board and Governance Support,
Joint Health and Safety Committee

Alison Smiley

Administrative Coordinator
asmiley [at]
Senior Management Team Support

Anthony Tabinga

Specialist, Member Programs and Services
atabinga [at]

Benjamin Xafflorey

Manager, Member Programs & Services and Privacy Officer
bxafflorey [at]
Webinars, Student and New Graduate Programs, Project Management, Privacy

Software Sales and Support (OCA Aspire, PMP)

Sharon K. Singh

Director, Member Experience – Software Sales, Support and Membership
oca [at]
Software Sales, Support and Membership

Curtis Arthur

Software Support Analyst
carthur [at]
Software Support

Akash Chaudhary

Member Support Representative
oca [at]
Software Support

Jeffrey Navarro

Member Support Representative
oca [at]
Software Support

Maryza De Silva

Product Manager
mdesilva [at]
OCA Aspire Onboarding

Ravi Cherukuri

Quality Analyst & Support
rcherukuri [at]

Kunal Choudhary

Manager, OCA Aspire Marketing
kchoudhary [at]

Rachel Guloien

Systems Adoption Specialist
rguloien [at]

Sufera Khan

Systems Adoption Specialist
skhan [at]

Bharavi Kilaru

Manager, Quality Assurance & Support
bkilaru [at]

Nicolas McWatters

Senior eContent and Sales Specialist
nmcwatters [at]

Kranthi Paruchi

Quality Assurance & Support
kparuchi [at]

Sonya Van Driesten

Manager, Systems Adoption Specialist
svandriesten [at]

David Williams

Business Development Lead
dwilliams [at]

Membership Support

Linda Baldasio

Lead, Service Representative
oca [at]
General Membership Support

Stakeholder Relations, Health Policy & Program Development

Dianna Pasic

Manager, Programs, Policy and Evaluation
dpasic [at]
Auto insurance, Rapid Access Clinics (RACs), Health2Work, WSIB

Communications & Marketing

Sasha Babakhanova

Manager, Communications
sbabakhanova [at]
Public Relations, Member Communications, Media Relations, Issues Management

John Bromley

Communications Consultant
jbromley [at]
Public Relations, Strategic Communications, Member Communications, Media Relations

Jeremy Civiero

Senior Digital Communications Specialist
jciviero [at]
Website, Social Media/Community Management


Paul Nicholls

Director of Finance & Administration
pnicholls [at]

Ashleigh Warner

Business Systems Analyst
awarner [at]

Chiropractic Consultants

Dr. Moez Rajwani

mrajwani [at]
Auto Insurance, WSIB

Dr. Amy Brown

abrown [at]
Health System Integration/Employment, Outreach and Volunteer Opportunities

Ontario Chiropractic Association Office

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