The Value of Interprofessional Collaboration in Delivering Quality Patient Care

In many cases, interprofessional collaboration among health care professionals helps your patients achieve optimal health. Chiropractors are qualified to assess, diagnose and treat issues affecting the Musculoskeletal (MSK) and the neuromusculoskeletal (nMSK) system. They can implement a care plan to help your patients manage their MSK or nMSK pain. For patients with conditions outside their scope of practice, chiropractors give informed referrals to physicians, nurse practitioners and other health care professionals. Then, they collaborate with them to support their patients’ ongoing care, as required.

Interprofessional Collaboration Helps Your Patients Manage their nMSK Pain

Often patients who have chronic conditions, illnesses or injuries, also have nMSK challenges. These challenges add to their pain and limit their mobility. For these patients, an interprofessional collaborative approach works particularly well.

Increasingly chiropractors collaborate with other health professionals as part of an interprofessional team within their patient’s circle of care. In helping these patients manage their pain and improve their physical function, chiropractors play a key role in their care.