Chiropractors help people at various stages of their lives to alleviate persistent or sporadic pain, reduce their risk of injuries or improve flexibility, mobility and posture. Specialized animal chiropractors also care for pets and large animals, such as horses.

A chiropractor is a spine, muscle, joint and nervous system expert, who applies the best available evidence and clinical expertise to diagnose health issues that affect your body’s movement. Using primarily their hands, your chiropractor will treat these issues without medication or surgery and help prevent them from returning.
To learn what chiropractic care may be able to do for you, check/download this PDF pamphlet How a Chiropractor Can Help You.You can also check our Chiropractors Helping Patients blog to learn about Ontario chiropractors and how they are helping patients address specific challenges or ways to live their best life. And it’s worth noting that in Ontario, you can visit a chiropractor without a referral from a doctor or other health care professional.

Who Chiropractors Help through Specializing

Following six to seven years of post-secondary education, some chiropractors pursue additional academic and practical education to specialize in clinical sciences and diagnostic imaging, pediatric, spinal stenosis, sports sciences, rehabilitation or animal chiropractic care. In addition, The Federation of Canadian Chiropractic (FCC) recognizes specific disciplines in the areas of sports sciences, orthopedics, radiology, physical rehabilitation and clinical sciences, through five accredited specialty colleges. A chiropractic specialist is someone who attains post-graduate qualifications in one or more of these specialties and completes a minimum two-year, full-time post-graduate residency program at one of these colleges and is acknowledged as a Fellow.


An increasing number of adults are among the people who chiropractors help each year to learn what’s causing their spine, muscle or joint pain and attain treatment to alleviate it. But you don’t have to be in persistent or long-term pain to visit a chiropractor. Many adults visit chiropractors to manage sporadic pain, deal with the impact of repetitive strain, reduce their risk of injuries or improve their flexibility, mobility and posture.


Specialized animal chiropractors provide a safe and effective hands-on approach to many spine, muscle or joint issues and injuries in pets and large animals, including horses, dogs and cats. Animal chiropractic does not replace traditional veterinary medicine or surgery but provides an integrative method of care. Often, veterinarians and these chiropractors work together to best serve the needs of your pet or a larger animal.


Amateur to professional athletes visit chiropractors as part of their overall health, fitness and maintenance program. They seek chiropractic care to optimize their  joint function. Treatments can also help prevent injuries and reduce their healing time. Many teams and sports organizations retain consulting, sports chiropractors as part their medical team. And if an injury occurs during a game or practice, a chiropractor can provide immediate care to assess and manage injuries, from sprains to concussions.

Children | Teens

From sports to being hunched over their devices, children and  teens often put a lot of pressure on their growing bodies. This pressure can lead to low back and neck pain and dysfunction, as well as various conditions affecting their peripheral joints, which a chiropractor can successfully treat.

Expecting moms

Pregnancy can bring many changes, including low and upper back, pelvic and foot pain, as well as carpal tunnel syndrome. About 50 to 80 per cent of all expecting moms experience low back pain. If you’re an expecting mom, you’re among the people who chiropractors help to relieve your aches and improve your mobility. They can also develop a therapeutic exercise program for you and educate you on how to reduce or prevent pain now and after your baby is born.


As you age, you often experience back, muscle and joint pain and stiffness. These conditions make it hard for you to move, let alone exercise. They also increase your risk of falling. Many seniors turn to chiropractors for help to minimize and manage their spine, muscle and joint pain, so they can regularly exercise to maintain their strength, balance and independence.


From office workers and long-haul transport drivers, who sit for hours to industrial workers, who spend their days lifting heavy loads, many jobs put extensive pressure on your spine, muscles and joints. They also put you at risk of injury. Workers from all fields visit chiropractors to prevent or address workplace injuries, so they can safely and more easily move through their day.

In Ontario, you can access chiropractic care without a referral from your doctor or nurse practitioner.