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Collaborative Care for All – Particularly Young Professionals

2020-07-08T16:37:07-04:00Chiropractors at Work, Workplace Wellness|

By Dr. Nardine Bekhit | Some people think you don’t need a chiropractor until you have an injury or reach middle age years. Young professionals sometimes believe they can get away with pushing past their physical limits in order to meet the demands of their busy schedules, but eventually this catches up to them. Supporting Young Professionals Shortly after I graduated from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (Toronto) in 2018, I began working as an [...]

Chiropractic Care for Office Athletes or Workers

2020-07-13T15:17:25-04:00Sports and Fitness, Workplace Wellness|

By Dr. Patrick Welsh | Low back pain has been identified as one of the most costly disorders among the worldwide working population.¹ Studies also indicate that work stressors, such as high psychological demands, may increase muscle tension and aggravate task-related strain.² When I deliver chiropractic care, I’ve consistently seen low back, as well as elbow, shoulder and neck issues among the office athletes or workers, I regularly treat. Corporate Wellness, Onsite Chiropractic Care for [...]

Tom and Colleen are aging well with the right exercise program and care

2020-02-10T01:03:08-05:00Elbow | Wrist | Hand Pain, Hip | Knee | Ankle | Foot Pain, Patient Experiences|

Tom Kellar and his wife, Colleen Fraser, from Sudbury, Ont., have always tried to stay active by going to the gym, walking, or hitting the trails on snowshoes or skis during the winter. But in recent years, pain made exercise a challenge for them both. For Tom, the pain was particularly bad in his left knee, while Colleen had both hand and knee pain. “When you’re in pain, you’re tired all the time. It has [...]

With manual therapy, strengthening and stretching exercises, Brian stood up to spinal stenosis

2020-03-11T20:35:59-04:00Back | Shoulder | Arm Pain, Patient Experiences, Spinal Stenosis|

Brian Mandelker had experienced low back pain before. “Mostly standing around coaching kids’ baseball and hockey teams,” says the 64-year-old entrepreneur from Thornhill, Ontario. But nothing like the constant, searing pressure that hit him in the autumn of 2017. Fortunately, a chiropractor's manual therapy helped treat his lumbar spinal stenosis. “I couldn’t sit through dinner, I couldn’t sit at my desk to do my work,” recalls Brian, who was unable to put in the usual [...]

How Leroy got his life back after a knee injury had a domino effect on his body

2020-02-10T01:03:34-05:00Hip | Knee | Ankle | Foot Pain, Patient Experiences|

After suffering a knee injury, chiropractic care helped Leroy Gallagher return to work as an electrician. Seven years ago, a knee injury started a domino effect in Leroy Gallagher’s body that would leave him off work for years. “It happened back in 2011,” recalls the 36-year-old electrician from Cambridge, Ontario. “I busted up my knee and after that I ended up with severe problems in my back and my neck. I’d been doing construction for [...]

Brent’s recovery from an industrial work-related back injury

2020-02-10T01:03:48-05:00Back | Shoulder | Arm Pain, Patient Experiences, Work Injuries|

After a work-related back injury added to Brent’s ongoing low back pain, leaving him with severe pain, numbness in both legs and unable to work, he turned to chiropractic care for help. As a heavy-equipment operator, 45-year-old Brent Pataki needs to regularly lift heavy loads for his job at a paving company in Sudbury. After surgery to remove a herniated disc in his lower back, he had some ongoing lower back pain. Four years later, [...]

Matt’s rehab road back after car crash injuries to his neck, femur and ribs

2020-02-10T01:04:06-05:00Headaches | Neck Pain, Injuries and Accidents, Patient Experiences|

Several years ago, Matt Morling was in a severe accident when another driver hit his vehicle head on. This devastating crash took the life of his grandmother and left Matt with fractures to his neck, left femur and ribs. Dr. Barbara Rodwin is familiar with the arduous rehab many patients like Matt have to go through. An Ottawa-based chiropractor practicing for more than 20 years, Dr. Rodwin’s multidisciplinary clinic specializes in a biomechanical approach to [...]

How Chris curbed the back pain diabetes can bring

2020-02-10T01:04:18-05:00Back | Shoulder | Arm Pain, Chronic Conditions, Patient Experiences|

Diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at the age of nine, Chris Drake, 39, first started having issues with his back in his late twenties. It sidelined his much-loved golf habit, which Chris, an entrepreneur, had played competitively and continued to play multiple times a week, often with business clients. Although he was in good shape and controlled his diabetes fairly well, Chris' back pain continued off and on. If he played a lot, it would [...]

Pam almost missed her trip to Italy due to low back pain

2020-02-10T01:04:33-05:00Back | Shoulder | Arm Pain, Patient Experiences|

Pam Damoff, a town councilor in Oakville, has always enjoyed an active lifestyle, especially cycling and the feeling of freedom that she experiences when she is out for a ride. However, all it took was the simple, innocuous act of putting on her socks one day for this to quickly change. Pam felt something shift in her lower back when she bent over, and a little while later when she was out for a walk [...]