Headaches and migraines are painful and can affect your ability to go about your daily activities. Often, they appear seemingly out of nowhere, but can, in some cases be the result of known factors like family history or an injury. The good news is that there’s help, including from a chiropractor to address head-related pain.

Kyra is a 30-year-old accountant who was struggling with mysterious headaches for years. Despite having no history of headaches or being in loud environments for extended periods of time, she still found herself suffering from pulsing pains around her temples from time to time. When the pain came, it tended to last for weeks, affecting her ability to concentrate and effectively perform at work.

Adding to her troubles, Kyra worked in a hybrid role, and twice a week had to make a two-hour commute to a busy office. She spent her days dealing with a seemingly endless stream of papers and people, which often left her feeling overwhelmed and exhausted.

A Comprehensive Solution for Kyra’s Unusual Headaches

Kyra was already seeing her local chiropractor regularly for a different issue and decided to mention this pain. After getting more information about her current lifestyle, work environment, and other factors, her chiropractor determined that her pain was a result of sitting at a computer all day and long commutes. These activities put a strain on Kyra’s head and neck. She then recommended a solution that could easily be added to Kyra’s current treatment plan.

This solution included hands-on manual care, trigger point therapy, soft tissue treatment, and at-home therapeutic exercises to help relieve tension related to her pain. Kyra’s chiropractor focused on muscles that may contribute to her headaches and performed spinal manipulation. This treatment plan was even more effective because Kyra also regularly sees a registered massage therapist who helps to loosen some of her tight muscles.

Kyra’s chiropractor also gave her homework, including stretches to relieve tightness in her muscles, home-management strategies (like using hot and cold compresses and advice for the most effective ergonomics setup), and ways to incorporate extra movement throughout her day to break up long sitting hours. Finally, she suggested exercises to build strength to sit with a better posture, and in her upper back to support her head position.

How Chiropractic Care Can Help Address Your Head-Related Pain and Live Your Best Life

Kyra’s story is far too common – she was suffering from on and off headaches but didn’t initially think to talk to her chiropractor about them. When she finally took matters into her own hands, she discovered that chiropractic care was an available option, and it made all the difference.

Does Kyra’s story sound familiar to you? If yes, consider contacting your local chiropractor. Their goal is not only to relieve your discomfort but address the root cause of the problem, so they can help you achieve long-term symptom relief.

If you can relate to this but are not ready to reach out for help, look at your office setup and the environment you spent most of your time in. Make sure it’s not causing you issues. Also try to move more and take short breaks throughout your day.

Today, when Kyra feels her headaches creeping up again, she knows it’s time to visit her chiropractor or simply make necessary adjustments to her work environment.

 (This article is based on a real patient’s experience and was developed in consultation with Dr. Amy Brown,  practising at Langs Chiropractic and Coronation Chiropractic, Massage, & Physiotherapy in Cambridge, Ontario)