Board of Directors

As a voluntary, professional association, we are governed by an elected Board of Directors, which is supported by committees, our leadership team, and staff.

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Dr. Tony Anziano
Dr. Tony AnzianoDirector
Dr. Janet D’Arcy
Dr. Janet D’ArcyDirector
Dr. Paolo De Ciantis
Dr. Paolo De CiantisDirector
Dr. Jenny Elliott
Dr. Jenny ElliottDirector
Dr. Reginald Gates
Dr. Reginald GatesTreasurer
Dr. Brian Gleberzon
Dr. Brian GleberzonDirector
Dr. Theresa Lisk
Dr. Theresa LiskDirector
Dr. Keshena Malik
Dr. Keshena MalikDirector
Dr. Anjelica Mazzella
Dr. Anjelica MazzellaDirector
Dr. Raquel Marques
Dr. Raquel MarquesVice Chair
Dr. Anthony Tartaglia
Dr. Anthony TartagliaChair
Dr. Patricia Tavares
Dr. Patricia TavaresDirector

Code of Conduct Task Force

The OCA represents outstanding members of our profession. However, in rare instances, the standards of professionalism of one doesn’t reflect our members’ expectations. Therefore, the OCA established a new time-limited Code of Conduct Task Force to help advise the OCA Board of Directors on criteria and processes that codify the discipline and expulsion of OCA members in extraordinary circumstances.

The responsibilities of the Code of Conduct Task Force are to:

  • Recommend written policies and bylaw amendments related to standards of conduct and behaviour and actions that violate OCA policies and bylaws.
  • Evaluate the current member discipline and expulsion process and recommend improvements, including provisions for a progressive discipline approach.
  • Evaluate grounds for automatic termination of membership and recommend improvements.
  • Consult with members to ensure a common understanding of member discipline and expulsion.
Dr. Reginald Gates
Dr. Reginald GatesChair
Dr. Reginald Gates operates a chiropractic office in Burlington.
Dr. Antonio (Tony) Anziano
Dr. Antonio (Tony) AnzianoMember
Dr. Anziano has built a thriving multi-disciplinary practice in Hamilton.
Dr. Paolo DeCiantis
Dr. Paolo DeCiantisMember
Dr. Paolo De Ciantis co-owns the Sports Specialist Rehab Centre in Toronto.
Dr. Andrea Guidolin
Dr. Andrea GuidolinMember
Dr. Guidolin has been practising at the Ottawa Health Group, as part of its multi-disciplinary health care team since 2011.
Dr. Anjelica Mazzella
Dr. Anjelica MazzellaMember
Dr. Anjelica Mazzella owns and operates the Back2Health Rehabilitation Centre in Sudbury.

Board Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee is a standing committee that reports to the Board. The role of the nominating committee is to help increase participation in the governance of our profession by ensuring there’s a cadre of members who are interested in running for election to your Board or working on committees.  The work of this Committee will not change the current nomination process.

The committee’s responsibilities are to help ensure:

  • Diversity in perspectives at the Board table, for example, cultural, geographic, age, gender, skills, and experiences.
  • Effective engagement with key stakeholders.
  • Insights to advance key strategic priorities for the profession.
Dr. Raquel Marques
Dr. Raquel MarquesChair
Dr. Raquel Marques has been a practising chiropractor in the U.S.A, Singapore and Canada, since starting her career in 2008.
Dr. Edward Chan
Dr. Edward ChanMember
Dr. Chan practises in York Region, mostly in Richmond Hill, serving a culturally diverse patient population.
Dr. Jenny Elliott
Dr. Jenny ElliottMember
Dr. Jenny Elliott leads an interprofessional team at the Central Health Clinic in Guelph.
Dr. Kim Gillies
Dr. Kim GilliesMember
Dr. Gillies is a chiropractor and ART provider with over 20 years in practice.
Dr. Khushboo (Khushi) Vora
Dr. Khushboo (Khushi) VoraMember
Dr. Vora has been a practising chiropractor in the greater Toronto area since 2018.