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Welcome to our online classified ads section (formerly marketplace), where you can reach more than 3,700 chiropractors in Ontario. This service is for chiropractors, other health care professionals and vendors to promote positions, practices, specialized equipment/products and other services that may be of specific interest to Ontario chiropractors (with the exception of courses, seminars, lectures and similar initiatives).

This service is NOT for general products/services, such as financing, moving services and app development. Ads submitted for these types of services/products, courses, seminars, lectures or similar initiatives will not be published.

Note: Publishing a classified ad does not imply that the OCA or the chiropractic profession has reviewed or endorses the product, service or opportunity advertised.

Note about job postings: To increase the reach of your job posting within a specific region of Ontario, consider submitting your posting to Healthline, the Ontario government’s local health and community services hub. To submit postings free of charge, visit Healthline, choose your preferred region, then select 'Careers in Healthcare' > 'Submit a Job'.

Protect yourself from online fraud: The Competition Bureau of Canada advises, "If you sell items online, you need to be careful who you sell to, as there is a risk of being targeted by tricksters who want to take your merchandise, money, or both." In order to protect yourself and your practice, visit the following Government of Canada resources and learn to recognize and avoid common scams: Sale of merchandise scams and Scams that target Canadian consumers.

How to Publish a Classified Ad:

To publish a classified ad as a member or non-member/vendor, please select the appropriate button from the left side menu.

How to Edit a Published Ad:

If you need to change or update your ad after it is published, please select the ‘Manage My Classified Ads’ button from the left side menu.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or 1-877-327-2273 (local: 416-860-0070)

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