Welcome to our Classified Ads section, which is designed to connect you to the resources you need for your practice. Here are the terms for using this service as an OCA member responding to the ads or as a member/vendor posting them. 

For Members Responding to Classified Ads: 

In using this section, you agree to the following Terms of Use: 

Disclaimer and Liability – 

You agree not to hold the OCA responsible for what classified advertisers, including members and vendors, post or do. As the Classified Ad content comes from members/vendorswe can’t guarantee the accuracy, user communications, quality, safety or legality of each ad

To the extent legally permitted, the OCA does not guarantee completeness, accuracy, availability, timeliness, propriety, security or reliability of any ad 

To the extent legally permitted the OCA, its directors and employees expressly disclaim all warranties, representations and conditions (express or implied), including those of each product’s/service’s merchantability, merchantable quality, durability.  

We are not liable for any harm (either through faulty products, services or contracts) resulting from: user content, user conduct or your use of the classified section.  Furthermore, the OCA and our directors and employees are not liable for any financial, data, goodwill or reputation loss or any other consequences arising from your use of this service, even if you advise us or we could reasonably foresee the possibility of any such damage occurring. 

Moderation –

We may moderate your access and use at our sole discretion, e.g. by blocking (e.g. IP addresses), filtering, deletion, delay, omission, verification, and/or access/account termination. You agree (1) not to bypass this moderation, (2) we are not liable for moderating, not moderating, and (3) nothing we say or do waives our right to moderate, or not. 

If you do notice any problems or offensive content, please inform us immediately via email at oca@chiropractic.on.ca.   

Posting a Classified Ad: 

  • If you are an OCA member, you may post classified ads in this section to promote your position, practice, equipment or more free-of-charge. Each ad will be published immediately for a four-week period. At the end of the four weeks, you will receive an email with a link to renew your ad for another four weeks, if desired.
  • If you are not an OCA member or a CCA member from outside Ontario, you may post classified ads to promote your position, practice, equipment or goods/serives free-of-charge that are of specific interest to our chiropractic members. This service is not for general products/services,  such as financing, moving services and app development. Each ad will be reviewed for relevance, as well as adherence to our restrictions, and posted within two working days of submission for a four-week period. At the end of the four weeks, you will receive an email with a link to renew your ad for another four weeks, if desired.

Word Count and Limits –

We recommend your ad should be 50 words or less, plus a title, but there is no specific word limit. We reserve the right to ask vendors to observe this recommendation in specific cases. 

Adding Images

You may upload images to include with your ad.  However, please keep each of these images to a file size of 2 MB (2,000 kb) or less.

Restrictions – 

You may not place a classified ad or advertise any good/service that: 

  • Promotes a seminar that is not within the chiropractic profession’s scope of practice 
  • Violates the law or legal rights of others 
  • Misleads or deceives others or is fraudulent (e.g. bait and switch, keyword spam) 
  • Offends or is obscene, defamatory, threatening or malicious  
  • Has been recalled, stolen (property with serial numbers removed/altered), pirated or counterfeit or an unauthorized replica 
  • Includes hazardous materials 
  • Can be considered spam (over posted), misclassified 
  • Promotes or links to unsolicited products or services 
  • Is affiliate marketing, part of a network, or multi-level marketing or pyramid scheme 

We reserve the right to approve all ads before they are posted and remove any content at our sole discretion.   

Privacy –

In using the OCA’s Classified Ads section, you agree to have your email and other contact information available to the public. You must provide a working email to post an ad in the Classified section. See our  Privacy Policy for how we collect, use and share data. 

Termination or Bans – 

We may limit or terminate our service, remove hosted content and take technical/legal steps to ban users from the Classified section, if we think that they are creating problems or acting outside any of the OCA’s policy GuidelinesWhether we decide to take any of these steps, remove hosted content or ban a user from the Classifieds, we do not accept any liability for monitoring the Classifieds or for unauthorized/unlawful use or content on the Classifieds.