At the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA), our commitment to excellence is reflected in the strategic functions of our Board of Directors’ core committees. All play a pivotal role in steering the association toward its goals.
These dedicated committees exemplify the collaborative spirit of the OCA Board, enhancing transparency, accountability, and overall governance. Through their combined efforts, they not only safeguard the association’s financial health, leadership succession, and research initiatives but also fortify our mission to elevate chiropractic care in Ontario.
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The OCA’s Nominating Committee works to increase participation in the governance of the chiropractic profession by ensuring there’s a cadre of members who are interested in running for election to the OCA Board of Directors.

Participating members help facilitate:

  • Diversity in perspectives at the Board table, for example, cultural, geographic, age, gender, skills, and experiences.
  • Effective engagement with key stakeholders.
  • Insights to advance key strategic priorities for the profession.


The successful candidate is:

  • An OCA member for at least three years.
  • Familiar with the OCA.
  • Prepared to attend meetings and conference calls, engage in reading and review of material, and participate in email discussions.


The OCA’s Nominating Committee will meet virtually, two to three times per year. Remuneration is provided.

Please click here for the OCA’s Nominating Committee’s Terms of Reference.

The OCA Board of Directors appoints a Finance and Audit Committee (FAC) to assist the Board in fulfilling its responsibilities, including the review and oversight of financial risk and other matters to help ensure that the organization is managed in a fiscally responsible manner. The Committee Terms of Reference provide for a committee member who is an OCA member but does not sit on the OCA Board of Directors.


Committee members must:

    • Be an OCA member for at least three years.
    • Have demonstrated financial expertise and/or training.
    • Be familiar with the OCA.
    • Be prepared to attend meetings and conference calls, engage in reading and review of material and participate in email discussions.


The FAC meets four to six times per year for one to two hours each meeting. Meetings are generally held virtually. Committee members are expected to be fully prepared for committee meetings, engage in reading and review of material as required, and be an active contributor to the committee’s discussions and decision-making.

Please click here for the Finance and Audit Committee (FAC)’s Terms of Reference.

The OCA’s strategic plan includes a significant focus on the role of research in the advancement of our profession in Ontario. The research committee assists the OCA Board of Directors in fulfilling its oversight responsibilities regarding all research-related activities.

Collaboration is a hallmark of our approach to advancing the profession on behalf of our members. The research committee will support the OCA to amplify the work of the Canadian Chiropractic Research Foundation (CCRF), the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI) and others that have research as their core mission, ensuring that OCA investments in research are optimized to enhance care for patients in Ontario.


The OCA Research Committee is comprised of:

  • Up to four OCA Board Directors.
  • Up to three OCA members who are engaged in research and who are not Board directors.
  • The OCA Chair (ex-officio).
  • Chief Executive Officer (ex-officio).
  • A non-OCA member with research expertise.


To support activities associated with understanding the future needs for developing and supporting research capacity in Ontario, the following tasks will comprise the work plan of the OCA Research Committee:

  • Review OCA’s strategic initiatives and how they impact the OCA’s strategic plan.
  • Review current and future research commitments.
  • Prioritize and make recommendations for funded research to present to the Board of Directors on a semi-annual basis.
  • Participate in planning to prioritize areas of investment for Ontario in the national research agenda.
  • Identify priority research forums and conferences for OCA attendance.

Remuneration is provided.

Please click here for the OCA Research Committee’s Terms of Reference.