Dr. Anjelica Mazzella
Dr. Anjelica MazzellaDirector

Journey to Becoming a Chiropractor

I have a passion for human movement and biomechanics and have always known that I wanted to work in health care. As an elite athlete, I played soccer at Laurentian University and studied kinesiology. During my final year, I was in a car accident and suffered extensive injuries. When my physiotherapist recommended chiropractic care for my neck complaint, I admit I was hesitant. However, I firmly believe that everything happens for a reason.

What immediately set my chiropractor apart from other therapists was how thoroughly they executed my history and physical exam. They took the time to connect with me as a patient and as a person. In addition, they were more than competent to diagnose any musculoskeletal complaint. It was during this first visit that I thought “this is something that I want to do.”

What I love about being a chiropractor is seeing patients’ eyes light up when they have that “aha” moment. It’s amazing the connection we make when determining the underlying cause of their injury.

Region of Practice and Clinical Work

Upon graduation in 2015 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC), I made the bold decision to open my own clinic in Sudbury, called Back2Health Rehabilitation Centre, as a sole proprietor. I value interprofessional collaboration to provide patients with optimal care. I quickly established a network of referring specialists, family physicians, dentists, and massage therapists with the intention of building an interdisciplinary team in the future to serve the community.

My clinic focuses on managing acute and chronic Musculoskeletal injuries. We also host placement opportunities for students attending local college and university, specifically in the health promotion, kinesiology, and physiotherapy assistant program, and massage therapy program at College Boreal. I think it’s so important to inspire and brings awareness to students to consider chiropractic care as a career option.

I’m very proud of our multidisciplinary office and its vast network with other health care professionals. We frequently work with other medical doctors to provide a learning environment for the Northern Ontario School of Medicine (NOSM)’s medical students. This helps advance interprofessional care and our profession forward.

I also work as an Advanced Practice Provider (APP) for the Rapid Access Clinic for Low Back Pain (RAC-LBP) in Sudbury.

Credentials and Designations

  • Advanced Practice Provider, Rapid Access Clinics 2021
  • Certificate in Graston Technique® in 2019
  • Certificate in GLA:D™ Canada (Good Living with Osteo Arthritis, Denmark) in 2017
  • Doctor of Chiropractic from Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College in 2015
  • Certificate in Contemporary Medical Acupuncture from McMaster University Health Sciences in 2015
  • Active Release Technique® in 2015
  • BSc. (Honours) in Kinesiology from Laurentian University in 2011

My Motto or Mantra

I love the phrase “motion is lotion.” It motivates me to stay active, eat healthy, and be accountable for my patients.

It also motivates patients to see their chiropractor. I had the motto superimposed on coffee mugs, which I’ve distributed to many of my patients to remind them to move their body every day!

Leadership Engagment

OCA Initiatives and Achievements

During my time as an OCA Board member, I worked on the governance, finance and audit, and research committees. I chose to be involved in all three to provide a strong voice for chiropractors in Northern Ontario, and actively represent my fellow colleagues and members in the North.

I’ve also been actively engaged with OCA Aspire through its task force, which involves providing input on enhancing the product alongside leading experts in the field. I’ve also been involved with the task force’s planning and development metrics and finances for the electronic medical record (EMR) software for chiropractors.

In addition, I was a participant on the OCA’s Practice Realities panel at CMCC’s Practice OpportUnity ’21. This was an important event for me because it gave me the opportunity to engage with aspiring chiropractic students. I believe it’s integral to inspire, encourage, and excite them about our profession.

I’m also proud of the OCA’s Evidence-Based Framework Advisory Council (EBFAC)’s, now known as Evidence-Based Chiropractic Care (EBCC)’s work. This project is important for continuing to develop our professional identity and have evidence-based support for the growth and development of our profession within the health care system.

Community and Volunteer Work

It’s always been important for me to engage in my community to educate and inspire people to live healthier and pain-free. For example, I’ve worked with the Greater Sudbury Public Library through their community engagement sessions. This work was primarily with the geriatric population on posture and the importance of strength and conditioning for healthy bones and spine.

I’ve also been a keynote speaker for the Sudbury Catholic District School Board, specifically educating support staff on the importance of proper posture and ergonomics. In addition, I’ve engaged elementary students in the Sudbury community regarding backpack safety.

As well, I enjoy being actively involved in venturing new entrepreneurs, as an entrepreneur and business owner myself of over seven years. I value this work because of its importance to support, encourage, and help navigate many of the challenges entrepreneurs face when starting or growing their business.

Overall, I think community involvement in our profession is crucial to help stimulate ongoing dialogue, promote diversity and inclusion, and harbour constructive communication. I believe chiropractors have an integral platform in our health care system.