Helping Runners and Endurance Athletes Be Their Best

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On December 5, 2021, Dr. Moran ran the California International Marathon in Sacramento, California, where she placed ninth overall and achieved a personal best of 2:33:37. She was the only Canadian woman to rank in the top 10 elite women’s field in the competition. By Dr. Brittany Moran | As are all patients, runners are unique individuals. They’re so inspiring because they’re the type that want to be better yesterday. As a chiropractor and runner, [...]

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From Athletes to Seniors: Chiropractic Treatments for Various Needs

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By Dr. Chris Gordon-Tennant | I’ve always had a huge passion for sports. As a chiropractor, I’ve treated many elite and professional athletes, including at the 2015 Pan American Games and Parapan Am Games. It’s particularly satisfying to help athletes recover so they can continue to excel. However, my greatest passion is getting to the bottom of someone’s discomfort, whether they are an athlete or not. In my practice, I treat people of all [...]

Providing Timely, Effective Concussion Care for Athletes

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By Dr. Leah Lawson | Did you know that any blow to your head, face, neck or even your body may cause a concussion if it causes your brain to move? Concussions are serious injuries. Although they typically have short-term effects, concussions can lead to long-lasting symptoms. This is especially true if they are left untreated. This is why providing timely and effective concussion care is so important. Treatment & Concussion Care As someone who treats a lot [...]

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How Teamwork Helps Our Patients and Keeps Them in the Forefront

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Dr. Paolo De Ciantis (right) examines his patient, while his twin brother Dr. Marco De Ciantis (left), co-owner at the clinic looks on. By Dr. Paolo De Ciantis| From managing low back pain through Rapid Access Clinics to helping patients get off opioids, the impact of how multidisciplinary teamwork helps our patients can’t be denied. We see the value of collaboration play out every day for patients visiting our sports-based practice. There, we help a range [...]

Chiropractic Care for Office Athletes or Workers

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By Dr. Patrick Welsh | Low back pain has been identified as one of the most costly disorders among the worldwide working population.¹ Studies also indicate that work stressors, such as high psychological demands, may increase muscle tension and aggravate task-related strain.² When I deliver chiropractic care, I’ve consistently seen low back, as well as elbow, shoulder and neck issues among the office athletes or workers, I regularly treat. Corporate Wellness, Onsite Chiropractic Care for [...]

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