Software Renewal FAQs

OCA Aspire

A: Please email and explain you are currently paying for OCA Aspire and request the PMP Update.

A:  Please email and explain that you have switched to OCA Aspire and will not be renewing PMP / ChiroWrite this year.

A:  Yes, you may renew your PMP / ChiroWrite licenses at this time while learning more on OCA Aspire by booking time to speak with us through Book Time to Learn on OCA Aspire.  If you renew PMP or ChiroWrite before November 1, 2022, and then transition to OCA Aspire at any time during the next 12 months, your fees paid will be prorated and credited to OCA Aspire. In addition, if you are ready to pre-book your upgrade to OCA Aspire between November 2022 and April 2023, you will receive additional introductory savings.


A:  There is a growing cost to maintain this legacy software.

A:  You will receive an email with PMP Update within 2 business days.

A: Yes, please close the PMP application on each computer and run the PMP update on each one.

A: Please temporarily disable your anti-virus software to allow you to download the PMP update. Once you’ve updated your software, remember to turn on the antivirus software.

A: If you’re being asked to provide a serial #, you might be trying to update using PMP Utilities – Please do NOT update through PMP Utilities. Instead, use the link provided in your confirmation email to download the PMP update.

A:  Please email and explain you are currently paying for OCA Aspire and request the PMP Update.

A: When your PMP license expires, you will only be able to access PMP in a read-only format (ie. to access information contained within). To access PMP after expiry, simply backdate your computer’s system date (displayed in the bottom corner of your screen) to a date prior to Nov 1, 2022. Once you’re finished in PMP, make sure you set your system date back to current.


A:  Same as last year, view here:  ChiroWrite License Fees

A:  Your ChiroWrite software will be updated within 3 days of renewing.