You can pay online for your software renewal with Visa or Mastercard by logging into the OCA website and paying via the Self-Serve Member Portal.

OCA Aspire

OCA Aspire offers an integrated practice management solution and electronic health record (EHR) that incorporates all the features you enjoyed in PMP and ChiroWrite, with so much more value for your practice. With OCA Aspire, you benefit from a modern practice solution you can access from any device, anywhere, and at any time. OCA Aspire is easy to use and will save you time and money.

If you are already using OCA Aspire, no action is required for renewal.

Enhance your software solution with our team of experts

We’ve been constantly enhancing OCA Aspire based on your feedback to ensure you have all the right solutions to elevate your practice and patient care. For instance, we recently introduced an eClaims feature to further streamline administrative processes. This improved cloud-based electronic health record (EHR) and practice management solution can help you grow your practice. It incorporates all the features you enjoyed in PMP and ChiroWrite, and has new tools that will help you save time, reduce administrative costs, and enhance your patient experience from booking to recovery!

Transitioning from any software to OCA Aspire is simple with our dedicated team of experts. They will work with you and support your successful and smooth upgrade, including data migration. With OCA Aspire, you’ll also have access to FreshBooks and Tableau for as little as $25 per month to further save costs on any accounting and analytics software.

To learn more about OCA Aspire, visit our  OCA Aspire website or OCA Aspire Instagram. You can also book a personalized demo here.

If you’re interested in OCA Aspire, email us at or submit a case as “Learn more on Aspire” through your Self-Serve Member Portal.


Mid-Year Transitions and Introductory Savings

If you renew PMP or ChiroWrite before November 1, 2020 and then transition to OCA Aspire at any time during the next 12 months, your fees paid will be prorated and credited to OCA Aspire. In addition, if you are ready to pre-book your upgrade to OCA Aspire between November 2020 and April 2021, you will receive additional introductory savings.

OCA software renewal opens October 1

If you’re currently using PMP or ChiroWrite, you’ll be able to renew your software license starting October 1, 2021.

To ensure business continuity and prevent any disruption to your patient bookings, please be sure to renew your license by October 30, 2021, to accommodate sufficient processing time.

Software licensing fees remain the same in 2021-2022 (click for PMP and ChiroWrite license fees).

How-to Renew Your PMP or ChiroWrite Software License

Watch the how-to video below for the steps to renew your PMP or ChiroWrite software license:

Step 1

Go to and login to the self-serve member portal.

Step 2

From the menu on the left side go to “Manage PMP Licenses” (or for Chirowrite users go to “Manage Chirowrite Licenses”) and enter names of those that will be using a license and submit.

Step 3

Go back to main menu and from the left side choose the “Memberships” tab, find your software membership to be renewed and click the “Renew” button.

Step 4

On the subscription renewal page you will see your current subscription item, in some cases you may see another option available, you can choose the other option if it suits your needs. In most cases you will renew your current subscription, you can add on additional licenses for associates and non-dc’s in the next step.

Step 5

Add on additional items as needed, if no other items are needed you can proceed with the add to cart button. On the initial shopping cart page, tax may not calculate until proceeding to the following step.

Step 6

On the checkout page make sure your tax address is correct (or enter new address if needed) and click continue.

Step 7

Enter your credit card details or use a saved credit card to make your purchase. You will be able to view your receipt once completed.

Congratulations on completing the steps to renew your software license.

Please let us know if you need additional assistance, our email address is 

How to Pay for Your Renewal

To pay by Visa or Mastercard – Login to the OCA website and pay via the Self-Serve Member portal.

Please note: Non-members can also pay online with a credit card using the self-serve portal.

To pay via mailed cheque – Mail cheque payable to the Ontario Chiropractic Association to the following address:

Ontario Chiropractic Association
70 University Avenue, Suite 201
Toronto, ON M5J 2M4

For Renewal Assistance: If you have any questions about renewing your software license, please log in to the OCA Self-Serve Member portal to access our support services and submit a case to receive help in a timely manner. Alternatively, you may email us at