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Support for Ontario Nurses to Help Prevent Back Pain and Injury


Across the globe, COVID-19 put frontline health-care workers at the centre of response and care around the clock. These included nurses who have been particularly impacted by the pandemic by working longer hours and being deployed to different units where they may not have previous experience. As result of being in a new environment and working under strenuous conditions, nurses are one population at risk for increased musculoskeletal pain that could cause pain and injury [...]

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Yoga Exercises for Back Pain


Chiropractors encourage patients to take an active role in their care. Yoga, among chiropractic and other therapies, is a great tool for low back pain. The practice of yoga is known to have several health benefits, including improved posture, strength, and increased range of motion. However, to fully benefit from yoga, it is helpful to learn some basic yoga exercises. Irina Andreea is a trainer and yoga teacher from Toronto. In this video, you will [...]

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Your daily routine can be a pain


We live in a world where we’re constantly in a hurry, juggling multiple tasks and carrying our belongings with us everywhere. And this can have serious consequences on your back health. In fact, back pain sends more patients to doctors than any condition other than the common cold.1 Here are some common activities that negatively impact back health and how you can fix them. Commuting Just like sitting at your desk, hunching over your steering [...]

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