Chiropractors encourage patients to take an active role in their care. Yoga, among chiropractic and other therapies, is a great tool for low back pain. The practice of yoga is known to have several health benefits, including improved posture, strength, and increased range of motion. However, to fully benefit from yoga, it is helpful to learn some basic yoga exercises.

Irina Andreea is a trainer and yoga teacher from Toronto. In this video, you will learn yoga exercises to help manage and avoid back pain. The movements in this video focus on core exercises, with a strong emphasis on extension of the spine and strengthening the back muscles.

Disclaimer: These exercises are to offer guidance and are not meant to replace professional advice. When dealing with prolonged back pain, chiropractors play a very important role in educating and helping you manage back pain. For more information on back health, find a chiropractor near you by using the chiropractor locator on our website.