At Home - Fall/Winter

Prevent Winter Slip-Ups!


Stay Standing This Winter! Falling on ice can leave you red-faced with embarrassment, or far more seriously, hurt badly from taking a knee to the ice or falling awkwardly on icy snow. Slippery sidewalks, driveways and icy parking lots can be risk factors for falls in winter. Avoid a bad fall with these top tips! Walk like a penguin The penguin waddle helps you keep a centre of gravity over the front leg as you [...]

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Five Ways to Stay Pain-Free this Holiday Season


‘Tis the season for eating great food, spending quality time with loved your ones and sharing cherished traditions. Unfortunately, all of the hustle and bustle can also bring you an unwelcome gift—back pain. Holiday activities such as shopping, wrapping gifts and skating can cause your muscles to work in ways they're not usually used and can result in neck, shoulder or back pain. Try these five tips to reduce your chances of pain and strain: [...]

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