Varied Pain

The Pain Problem: Spine, Muscle and Joint Pain


Canadians Are No Strangers to Pain According to the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA) 2017 report, All Pain, No Gain: Shining a Light on Canada’s Back Pain and Opioid Crisis, almost 90 per cent of Canadians have experienced muscle and/or joint pain in the last year, the most common being back pain and headache. Pain affects the way people work, play and generally live. And a person’s spine, muscles, joints and related nervous system supports every [...]

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Breast Cancer and Chiropractic Care


When you have breast cancer, your treatments, such as radiation, surgery and chemotherapy, are physically hard on you. Receiving a cancer diagnosis and managing it is also emotionally stressful. This stress puts even more tension on your body. Odd as it may sound, breast cancer and chiropractic care can go together. While a chiropractor can’t treat cancer, the Canadian Cancer Society advises that chiropractic care may help people living with it cope with some types [...]

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