Volunteer Policy

Our promise to our volunteers

  1. Create and Maintain a Safe and Respectful Environment
    1. A healthy and respectful workplace for the volunteer
    2. An appropriate match between volunteer and task
    3. Ensure compliance with risk management and legal Guidelines
    4. OCA offers training to volunteers to ensure success within the program
  2. Our Volunteer’s Commitment:
    1. Respecting and agreeing to the program’s Code of Conduct
    2. Recognizing and understanding:
    3. Program mission
    4. Association’s goals
    5. Volunteer roles and responsibilities
    6. Training
    7. Responsible for attending and reviewing orientation webinar and documents pertaining to their role
    8. Professional attire
    9. Our tradeshow volunteers and those volunteering at golf tournaments are required to wear an OCA shirt (provided).
    10. Other volunteer roles are required to wear business or casual business attire, depending on the role.
  3. Your Review and Evaluation
    1. Our volunteer program depends on maintaining the highest quality of program excellence. We encourage all our volunteers to provide feedback on their unique experiences to help us evaluate the success of the program.
    2. Our Volunteer Policy is reviewed on an annual basis to ensure the needs of our volunteers and organization are being met.

Our Volunteer Confidentiality Statement

I promise to hold in confidence all matters that come to my attention as an OCA volunteer. This includes materials from and about patients/stakeholders, matters regarding colleagues, and other confidential information about the organization. I will respect the privacy of the people I work with and confer appropriately with my supervisors.

Our Volunteer Code of Conduct

Your acceptance of our Code of Conduct indicates that as an OCA volunteer, you understand and accept what is asked when representing the profession and the OCA. Continued participation in the OCA Community Engagement & Leadership Program is contingent upon fulfilling the code of conduct.

Community Engagement and Leadership Program

  • Honouring volunteer commitments or expectations, as agreed for the role
  • Participating in all training programs
  • Respecting the time and schedules of volunteers and OCA staff (Example: contacting the OCA if you are unable to complete a commitment, such as a tradeshow shift
  • Respecting the dignity and rights of all persons
  • Striving to achieve the highest quality of service
  • Being positive and enthusiastic when performing a task
  • Practising OCA Code of Ethics at all times
  • Considering the best interest of the community—always
  • Respecting the confidentiality of volunteers and staff
  • Conducting volunteer activities in a professional and dignified manner following OCA’s core values.