New Graduate Volunteer Membership Program

Serve and save on your membership fees

Entering the chiropractic profession is an exciting time of your life. At OCA, we want to help you through your professional journey. That’s why we offer new graduates in their first year as licensed chiropractors the opportunity to volunteer with the OCA, instead of paying for their membership.

If you graduated within the past year or will receive your Ontario license this year, you’re eligible to participate.

Specifically, if you graduate:

  • In June, you must contribute 20 hours of your time to OCA initiatives between September of the current year and June of the following year in the time following your application for this program.
  • In the early part of the calendar year (prior to June), you must complete a prorated number of hours by end of June of that year.

When you agree to this volunteer commitment, OCA will waive your first-year membership fees and offer you immediate access to all our membership benefits.

Our OCA volunteer initiatives are designed to help further our profession while providing you with valuable learning opportunities as a chiropractor and a member of your professional community.

For a full list of benefits, visit the Member Benefits page on our website.

How it works

When you register for your OCA membership, you’ll be asked to choose between a paid or volunteer membership. If you choose the volunteer membership, we’ll contact you within a month for you to select your top picks from a range of available volunteer opportunities.

You will be required to sign a standard volunteer agreement, including a code of conduct for you to follow when participating in volunteering opportunities. We will coordinate training, scheduling and follow-up at an appropriate time for your chosen opportunity.

There’s absolutely no risk to you. You can switch between a paid or volunteer membership once during your first year of OCA membership, if desired. Any volunteer hours completed by the time of your change will be honoured and the amount charged for your paid membership will be adjusted accordingly.