PMP online booking will enable new and existing patients to book appointments from your clinic’s website. You will be able to:

  • Add the online booking webpage for each practitioner into your clinic’s website
  • Set online booking availability for each practitioner
  • Choose up to 10 appointment types for patients to book
  • Receive online appointments directly in your PMP scheduler

Sign Up For PMP Online Booking


Ensure your PMP is updated to version

  1. In PMP, click on “Setup” and then “Doctor Defaults”.
  2. From the dropdown, choose the doctor you wish to register for online booking and click on “Edit this Doctor’s Defaults”.
  3. On the bottom left, select “Online Booking” and click on “Manage Online Booking”.
  4. Enter the email address where you wish to receive your login and webpage information. Click “Register” and accept the Terms of Use.
  5. The OCA will approve the practitioner for online booking (this may take up to five business days) and you will receive an email with your account details, your online booking webpage, and a link to setup resources.

Repeat steps 1–5 for each practitioner you wish to register for online booking.

Click here for instruction to upgrade to PMP


Watch the Demo



For more information please contact OCA support

Toll-free:   1-877-327-2273
Local:         416-860-0070