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OCA Advance Presents: Coordinating Care with Primary Care Providers to Manage MSK Pain

This webinar outlines a proven approach to help you effectively collaborate with primary care providers, like nurse practitioner (NP)s on managing patients with MSK conditions. You’ll learn how to build a rapport with an NP or other primary care provider and coordinate a plan of care to help a patient effectively manage their pain and, in some cases, reduce their reliance on opioids/other medications. The session will also introduce practical tools to support these collaborations, [...]

OCA Advance Presents: Treating a Motor Vehicle Accident Claimant and Getting Paid

Beyond Law delivers a panel of experiences that health care practitioner will address, including: The ins and outs of HCAI What to include in your OCF-18 (and what not to include) How to effectively communicate with the adjuster Protected accounts Speaker Kate Mazzucco - Partner, Beyond Law Original Broadcast June 22, 2022 Watch the Webinar

Your Foundation for Wealth

Proven techniques for managing cashflow and getting your household budget on track — and keeping it on track over the long run. If you tried budgeting before and had no success, or you're just tired of not knowing where your money goes every month, this session will help you gain control of your finances. Key Takeaways • Build a budget and actively track where your money goes every month. • Categorize expenses and identify costs [...]

Jumpstart Your Career – Part Two ’23

Tune in to learn about our Jumpstart Your Career guide, including steps to take after graduation and transition into practice. We’ll also highlight recent OCA initiatives such as our partnership with a University of Guelph researcher, work to leverage Canada’s Asian Heritage Month, and how our Enriched Academy Program can build your financial literacy. In addition, we’ll dive deep into OCA’s role in knowledge translation (KT) to support the research agenda, including the importance of [...]

The Right Treatment for the Right Patient: How to Tailor Treatment to Significantly Improve Outcomes in Low Back Pain

Not all low back pain is alike, yet many practitioners use the same treatment approach for their low back pain patients. In this presentation, we will describe how to classify low back pain patients into distinct subgroups and match them with these subgroups with specific treatment approaches. Tailoring treatment based on key history and physical exam findings can significantly improve patient outcomes. Speaker Dr. Carlo Ammendolia (DC, PhD) — Spinemobility Original Broadcast November 4, 2020 Watch [...]

Breaking the Ice: Three Techniques to Help You Instantly Build Rapport

Building a foundation of trust is a requirement for any successful health care relationship. This webinar covers three successful techniques that enable you to sincerely connect, build meaningful rapport and foster mutually beneficial relationships. Speaker Ivan Wanis Ruiz, Dale Carnegie Training Original Broadcast October 2, 2019 Watch the Webinar Additional Resources Communication Strategies for Chiropractors: Tip Sheet How to Connect and Build Trust with Strategic Questions & Active Listening: Presentation Slides Breaking the Ice: [...]

Mortgages and The Home Buying Process

The decision to buy a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and the process is a little complicated and comes with its own language and rules. It's imperative you understand the ins and outs so you can avoid surprises and ensure you get the best available home for your needs and budget. This session will introduce the basic knowledge required to purchase a home and give you the confidence [...]

Older Adults: Non-Pharmacological Management Of Chronic Pain

Comprehensive and evidence-based information on non-pharmacological management of chronic pain for older adults. Understand more about the high presence of other physical and psychosocial comorbidities that impact older adults experiencing pain. Speaker Carlo Ammendolia D.C., Ph.D,  — Spinemobility Original Broadcast October 10, 2018 Watch the Webinar Additional Resources Older Adults Non-Pharmacological Management of Chronic Pain - Presentation Slides (PDF) SpineMobility Order Form (PDF) Older Adults: Non-Pharmacological Management Of Chronic Pain (MP3 version) Related Webinars [...]

Should I Incorporate My Business?

Discussing the pros and cons of incorporation with SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants. Speaker SRJ Chartered Accountants Original Broadcast May 31, 2023 Watch the Webinar Additional Resources Should I Incorporate My Business? Presentation Slides

Emerging Science Series | Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome

OCA's Three-Part Emerging Science Series | Chronic Myofascial Pain Syndrome Myofascial pain is amongst the most common conditions treated by rehabilitation specialists, including chiropractors. Emerging research provides novel insight into the pathophysiology and clinical manifestation of chronic myofascial pain. This webinar will explore the current and emerging research trends, and how this emerging knowledge can be applied in evidence-based approaches to the diagnosis and management of this common condition. Speakers Dr. Jay Shah, MD Dr. [...]