July 2021 Update

“The council is a very diverse group representing many different practice styles, and yet after every meeting, I am impressed by how much we have in common, how much we respect each other’s opinions and how much our goals for the project align.” 

Dr. Rod Overton

“The task force individuals included researchers, field chiropractors, and patient advocates. The diversity of perspectives gives me confidence that we are creating a framework that will be really helpful to field practitioners in applying an evidence-based approach to the way they practice.”

Dr. Bernadette Murphy

“The truly magical aspect, subjectively, of working in this group is the opportunity to share and develop poignant ideas with prominent members of the field and personal mentors of mine. Objectively, I feel humbled, honoured and thrilled to create a framework that will aid so many practitioners, touching the lives of hundreds of thousands of patients in such a positive way.”

Dr. Marco De Ciantis

“The opportunity to support our profession working on the Evidence-based framework has been extraordinary. The dedication to a common goal has been an example of unity and cooperation that I hope can be an example to all of us. I personally have been energized by the work, and am so gratified to serve with such an impressive group of people in the interests of chiropractic.”

Dr. Sean Batte

“Working with such a diverse group of individuals has been such a rewarding experience! To learn that our end-goal is the same, create an Evidence-Based Framework for the Chiropractors of Ontario, with very different backgrounds goes to show what determination, hard-work, and cooperation can do.”

Dr. Anita Chopra

What’s New

We’ve completed our engagement with other organizations to obtain feedback on our patient preference white paper. This is but one of several foundational research investigations that comprise the three pillars of evidence-based practice: Clinical expertise, best available evidence, and patient preference.

We’ve developed a white paper exploring the evolution and interpretations of the evidence pyramid in reflecting the modern understanding of best available evidence. Council members are exploring leading frameworks reflecting evolved thinking about Dr. Sackett’s model of evidence-based medicine that best reflects and supports the chiropractic profession.

Council members are also working on a white paper on clinical expertise.

Why it Matters

This council is building the critical foundation about how the three pillars intersect in the delivery of patient care, and how a description of chiropractic that embraces the continuum of care can be developed and communicated.

From that foundation, we’re developing clinical decision-making tools and will be partnering with organizations to build practical resources for our members.

We will use this comprehensive understanding of chiropractic to advocate for the profession with the governments, other health professions and partners to make chiropractic care the trusted first choice for Ontarians and position chiropractors’ place in Ontario’s broader health ecosystem.

What’s Next

Council outputs will be peer-reviewed and published. We will also be engaging with OCA members to share the results of this work and elaborate on its potential to advance the understanding of chiropractic care in Ontario.

We will collaborate with partners to develop practical tools, education and resources to support our members and the profession in Ontario.

To learn more about the OCA Evidence-Based Framework Advisory Council, please contact Caroline Brereton, CEO, OCA at 416-860-4155 or cbrereton@chiropractic.on.ca.