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Bones like porcelain, soul like a sage

Dr. Jocelyn Chase, a geriatrician, with her patient, Ling

Bones like porcelain, soul like a sage

Canadian Medical Association Journal (CMAJ)

I met Ms. T on a busy day, the last patient on my rounds in the late afternoon … She had been admitted almost 2 weeks ago and, although she could walk gingerly to the bathroom, her left-sided sciatica and hip arthritis were bad and she couldn’t go home … I would have felt better sending her right back down to radiology for imaging “just in case,” but at that point Ms. T was fed up with doctors telling her what to do… Ling, a retired nurse, had travelled the world, gaining a lifelong appreciation for traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) practitioners and chiropractors, who had been able to successfully treat her chronic back pain. (Contribution piece by Dr. Jocelyn Chase)

April 25, 2022