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Asking For A Friend: Am I getting a hunchback?

A woman with a hunchback

Asking For A Friend: Am I getting a hunchback?

Healthing (a Postmedia publication)

Dr. Ayla Azad, a Thornhill chiropractor and chief experience officer with the Canadian Chiropractic Association (CCA), has seen her share of neck and back troubles throughout her 25 years in clinical practice. “There’s no doubt that musculoskeletal, as we call them, issues with the muscles, bones, joints and nervous system are very prevalent among Canadians, ” she says. “One of the aspects to that could be our lifestyles today, hunching forward, we’re sitting a lot more so that sedentary lifestyle does take a toll and can absolutely contribute to the amount of people who are suffering with pain.” … Whether you’re on your laptop or your phone, take regular breaks, she says. If you’re sitting, for example, get up and move around … Stretching can also help counteract the chronic hunching.

August 15, 2022