In order to be eligible as a mentee you must:


  • Be an OCA member
  • Have working knowledge of CCO standards of practice
  • Have an understanding of and commitment to ethical practice and confidentiality


  • Display a commitment to expanding your capabilities
  • Show openness to new ideas and approaches to practice
  • Be able to accept feedback and act upon it
  • Have focus on achieving desired professional results
  • Effectively be able to communicate and work collaboratively with others
  • Be aware of when to ask for help and have a positive attitude
  • Show a sense of personal responsibility and commitment


  • Be willing to apply learnings within your own career
  • Effectively communicate objectives and goals with your mentor
  • Ask for feedback throughout the mentorship process to focus on achieving expectations
  • Take responsibility with the mentorship process
  • Be willing and able to meet at a minimum once a month with a six month commitment
  • Understand that sharing personal/confidential information outside of the Mentorship Program is strictly prohibited.