Here you will find some helpful resources which both mentoring partners can attend together or take part in.

Online Activities
Other Activities

Online Activities

Plan to take a quiz and chat about the following at your next meeting:

  • Share and review the results together
  • Reflect on your learnings
  • What next steps can you take to improve

Test your Communication Skills
Test your Management Skills
Test your Solving Problems skills
Test your Presentation Skills

Attend or view online webinars together and have further discussions together about your learnings and stumbling you may have. Visit the OCA CE and Events page for further details.

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Plan and visit your local community center events together, to network and build awareness. Before attending, here are a few tips to work on together and role play:

  • Introducing yourself
  • Practicing a handshake
  • Ensuring a positive attitude
  • Making eye contact
  • Having a pitch on letting people know what you do and how you can help

PS. Don’t forget to take a few business cards


Attend social events with other groups who share your interest. Also stay connected through the OCA E-bulletin for upcoming volunteer events. Here are some mentoring supportive tips:

  • If a mentee is a speaker, have your mentor support you by rehearsing your speech as well as attending the seminar, this will be a great way to get feedback on your presentation skills
  • Should you both be attending an event, have the mentee shadow the mentor at the networking event

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Other Activities

  • Pass on topical articles, books and copies of speeches or presentations that you have found informative
  • Recommend professional development videos or training packages to which you have access
  • Invite your mentee /mentor to observe your practice or accompany you to a professional development event

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