Matching the participants

The OCA will match candidates based on location, expertise and experience. We will inform you of your mentee or mentor via email. Unfortunately the OCA may not be able to match all participants immediately.

The Next Steps

Once the mentee has been matched with a suitable mentor, it is the mentee’s responsibility to initiate contact with you. The mentee must arrange a convenient appointment date/time, either in person, video conference, telephone or by email. Stay tuned for our new monthly Mentorship e-bulletin which will include tips, articles and activities to help you throughout the program. Should any conflicts or concerns arise during the mentorship program please contact the OCA immediately.

Before your first meeting

As a Mentor, we recommend you review the following before your meeting:

  1. Review the Tips for Mentors page
  2. Review the Communication Tips page

As a Mentee, after you have contacted your Mentor and setup a time to meet, we recommend you prepare for the meeting by doing the following:

  1. Review the Tips for Mentees page
  2. Review the Communication Tips page
  3. Visit the Preparing for Your Initial Meeting topics page on Guidelines on what to do before your meeting.

Visit the Tools and Resources page for further details.