Manitoba PMP Users

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PMP Licencing Fee Changes August 1, 2014

The MCA is happy to announce a reduction in PMP pricing for members. Effective August 1st, 2014 MCA members who are current PMP users will renew their PMP licences for $200 plus applicable taxes per practitioner for the annual licence year.

New Licence Fees

  • The annual license fee is $200 for each practitioner
  • Licenses expire on July 31

Manitoba Brochure and Order Form (PDF) >>

PMP Update

Version 9001 – July 28, 2014

This update includes required changes for Manitoba Health. Install this update prior to your first submission in August 2014. 

Download the program from the PMP Utilities icon on your desktop. In our effort to go green and consider the environment, USB drives are not available.

Version 9001 Install & Changes

Dates to Remember

Manitoba Health Documents


Manitoba Provincial Billing in PMP

This webinar was designed for Manitoba PMP users who are looking for a greater understanding of the processes involved in billing and reconciling Manitoba Health, MPI and WCB.

Manitoba Health – What you Need to Know

This 60 minute session gives you what you need to know for correct creation, submission and payment of Manitoba Health claims.