A PMP on-line training session was offered in February 2010. This session was recorded and has been separated into the different segments. These recordings require Microsoft Windows Media Player which is a free download from www.microsoft.com. Make sure to adjust your speakers to hear the narrative.

The OCF Form tutorials use streaming media. Please allow sufficient time for the streaming process to begin. This may take a few minutes. Note: These videos depict OCF forms that were in use prior to September 1, 2010. Expect some changes on new OCF Forms.

PMP Webinars

A PMP “Getting Started” webinar was recorded on February 4, 2015. This webinar covers the fundamentals of using PMP and is especially helpful to new staff members who have not used PMP before or anyone looking for a refresher.

PMP Training Videos

Main Screen & Setup Menu

New Patient File

Post-it Notes

Booking Appointments

Appointment Statuses

Posting Patient Activity


Backup & Restore

Setting up appointment books

OCF Forms

Creating an OCF 18 in PMP

Creating an OCF 21 in PMP


PMP HCAI Interface Demo