Outreach, Networking and Presentations



  • Networking: Getting Ahead by Putting Others First (October 14, 2015): This positive approach to networking from Dale Carnegie Training will enable you to build confidence and credibility, communicate your value and establish profitable connections.
  • Getting in Front of Key Decisions Makers (June 24, 2015): This webinar will teach you how to get the meeting, present your case and achieve your goal.
  • Tradeshow 101: How to Present Chiropractic Effectively (January 28, 2015): This webinar will provide you with the necessary background and tips to successfully develop potential leads while building awareness and understanding for the profession.
  • Outreach 101 (September 17, 2014): In this webinar, OCA staff describe the strategies behind the Community Engagement & Leadership Program and how it equips OCA volunteers to advocate for the profession among the public and stakeholders.

Presenting at Conferences

Conference presentations are a great ways to generate awareness and understanding about the benefits of chiropractic care. These activities also present members with the opportunity to be ambassadors for the profession by becoming engaged and involved in their local and professional communities.