Your Clinic’s Google Listing

Google My Business screen 1To add your clinic’s listing to Google Maps, Search, and other Google properties, you need to create a Business Profile on Google (called Google My Business). Alternatively, if your clinic already has a Google profile that Google or someone on your team created at some point, you’ll want access and claim it.

Once you have a gmail (Google) account, you can use this free Google My Business feature to manage how your business information appears across Google, including Search and Maps.

Google My Business Search screenTo add your clinic’s listing through Google My Business

  1. Sign in to your gmail or Google Account for your business or clinic.
  2. Click on Google My Business on your computer.
  3. Click the Manage now button.
  4. Type your business name in the area to the right of the magnify glass icon. You can also select your clinic’s name from the suggestions that appear as you type (if applicable).
    • You may also be asked to position a marker on the location of your clinic on a map.
    • If Google can’t find your business, select the Add your business to Google link.
    • If a ‘This listing has already been claimed’ message appears, click the Request Access button. Then follow the steps to reclaim your business.
  5. Google Profile dashboardThen, click Next.
  6. Enter your business address and click Next.
  7. Search for and select a business category. You can also choose a more specific category as appropriate. Then, click Next.
  8. Enter a phone number and website URL for your clinic, and click Finish.
  9. Select Verify and follow the prompts to have Google send you a verification card by mail, a code via mobile phone or a code via email.
  10. If you receive this code via phone or email, click Verify now and enter the code in the designated area.  If you are receiving this code by postcard, repeat steps 1 to 3 and follow the prompts to enter your code.
  11. While you are waiting for Google’s verification card, you select Info from the left side menu and add details to your profile. Please note, some of these additions will be displayed after your profile is verified.

Add your clinic’s listing through Google Maps

As an alternative, you can add your clinic’s listing through Google Maps by following these steps:

  1. Sign in to Google Maps  on your computer.
  2. Choose one of the following options to add your business:
    • Enter your address in the search bar. In the Business Profile section on the left, click Add your business.
    • Right-click anywhere on the map. Then, click Add your business.
    • In the top left, click Menu > Add your business.
  3. Follow the on-screen instructions to finish signing up for Google My Business.

Claim Ownership of  Your Clinic’s Google Listing

  1. Listing has been claimed screenTo find the Google Business Profile you want to claim ownership of, use either of these two methods:
    • Go to Google My Business
      • Enter the name and address of your clinic or business, then choose it from the search results.
      • Whe a ‘This listing has already been claimed‘ message appears, click the Request Access button. Then follow the steps to reclaim your business.
    • Find your clinic or business on Google Search or Google Maps
      • Under the Business Profile, click Claim this business > Manage now.
  2. Click Continue. You’ll get a message that says someone else verified the profile. If you’re authorized to manage the profile, you can request ownership from the current profile owner.
  3. Click Request access and fill out the form.
  4. Click Submit.

Learn more about how to request ownership.