Webinars On-Demand

OCA Advance Presents: Patient Care for People Living with Dementia

There are 564,000 Canadians living with dementia. It’s important for every practitioner to know best practices for caring for these patients. Join the OCA and the Alzheimer Society of Ontario to learn: • What Dementia is • How to recognize signs and symptoms • The effects of movement/physical activity on cognition and general well-being • Communication tips and best practice strategies • How to support people to live well with dementia • Training and education [...]

CCA Master Class: The Role of Chiropractic in Opioid Management

A special event webinar on the role of chiropractic in opioid management. This CCA Master Class is presented by Kristy Naulis, M.N., N.P. and Dr. Amy Brown, B.Sc., D.C. and will be held via Zoom Webinar. Click/tap the link below to register. Register for Master Class

OCA Advance Presents: “That couldn’t happen to me!”

In this webinar, the CCPA Claims Team will share stories from real cases to demonstrate how incidents in practice can happen despite our best intentions. You’ll learn about how best practices in record keeping and evaluation can make or break the outcomes of liability cases. Speakers Dr. Dean Wright, Dr. Shima Shahidy, Dr. Kathryn Wheatley Original Broadcast February 3, 2021 Watch Webinar Downloads “That couldn’t happen to me!” - Presentation Slides

OCA Advance Presents: Chronic Pain in Older Adults – Comprehensive Assessment and Management

Managing chronic pain in older adults can be challenging, with multiple pain sites, comorbidities, cognitive decline and polypharmacy. In this webinar, Dr. Carlo Ammendolia will outline an extensive, practical approach to assessing and managing the expanding problem of chronic pain in older adults. Speaker Carlo Ammendolia D.C., Ph.D - SpineMobility Original Broadcast December 4, 2019 Watch the Webinar

Advancing the Opioid and Pain Reduction Collaborative

The OCA Opioid and Pain Reduction Collaborative has come a long way since its conception in 2018. Join Dr. Benjamin Xafflorey and Dr. Amy Brown for an overview of the development and promotion of the Collaborative, as well as its upcoming final phase. They'll outline the Collaborative’s key components and tools to help you effectively collaborate with prescribing professionals (MDs and NPs) to manage shared patients with MSK conditions. Speakers Dr. Benjamin Xafflorey and Dr. [...]

Personal Finance Mastery Series: 8 Questions to ask your Financial Advisor

Continuing our Personal Finance Mastery Series – Did you know Canada has the highest financial advisor fees in the world? If you don’t know what your advisor is charging you every year, or where exactly you are invested/what your advisor is doing with your money, or even how to find an advisor with transparent fees then this webinar is for you! You could save tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. [...]

OCA Advance Presents: Coordinating Care with Primary Care Providers to Manage MSK Pain

This webinar outlines a proven approach to help you effectively collaborate with primary care providers, like nurse practitioner (NP)s on managing patients with MSK conditions. You’ll learn how to build a rapport with an NP or other primary care provider and coordinate a plan of care to help a patient effectively manage their pain and, in some cases, reduce their reliance on opioids/other medications. The session will also introduce practical tools to support these collaborations, [...]

Your Foundation for Wealth

Proven techniques for managing cashflow and getting your household budget on track — and keeping it on track over the long run. If you tried budgeting before and had no success, or you're just tired of not knowing where your money goes every month, this session will help you gain control of your finances. Key Takeaways • Build a budget and actively track where your money goes every month. • Categorize expenses and identify costs [...]

Jumpstart Your Career – Part Two ’23

Tune in to learn about our Jumpstart Your Career guide, including steps to take after graduation and transition into practice. We’ll also highlight recent OCA initiatives such as our partnership with a University of Guelph researcher, work to leverage Canada’s Asian Heritage Month, and how our Enriched Academy Program can build your financial literacy. In addition, we’ll dive deep into OCA’s role in knowledge translation (KT) to support the research agenda, including the importance of [...]

The Right Treatment for the Right Patient: How to Tailor Treatment to Significantly Improve Outcomes in Low Back Pain

Not all low back pain is alike, yet many practitioners use the same treatment approach for their low back pain patients. In this presentation, we will describe how to classify low back pain patients into distinct subgroups and match them with these subgroups with specific treatment approaches. Tailoring treatment based on key history and physical exam findings can significantly improve patient outcomes. Speaker Dr. Carlo Ammendolia (DC, PhD) — Spinemobility Original Broadcast November 4, 2020 Watch [...]