Webinars On-Demand

Advanced Modalities in Practice

Science, reasoning and a quick demonstration behind the use of advance modalities such as laser, shockwave and the new TECAR therapy in practice. Learn how and why to use these modalities to enhance your chiropractic care. Speaker(s) Dr. NIma Pardisnia, DC, FCCPOR - Clinic Director, Simply Align Rehab Original Broadcast December 6, 2023 Watch the Webinar

Practice Valuations: Discovering How Much Your Practice is Really Worth

In this webinar, we discuss valuation methods, tax efficient strategies and organizational structure. Whether you are an investor or a seller, this presentation will outline the components of practice value and the importance of understanding the types of goodwill that determines a practice's value. Speaker(s) Shayan Rashid, CPA, CA, SRJCA Patrick McCabe, Chartered Business Valuator, McCabe Valuations Original broadcast date July 15, 2020 Watch the Webinar Downloads Practice Valuations Discovering How Much Your Practice [...]

Treating a Motor Vehicle Accident Claimant and Getting Paid

Beyond Law delivers a panel of experiences that health care practitioner will address, including: The ins and outs of HCAI What to include in your OCF-18 (and what not to include) How to effectively communicate with the adjuster Protected accounts Speaker(s) Kate Mazzucco - Partner, Beyond Law Original Broadcast June 22, 2022 Watch the Webinar

SRJCA Upcoming Tax Changes

Budget 2023 announced certain upcoming changes for the 2024 tax year. Let’s take a dive into them and how it may affect you and your practice. Speaker(s) Christine Duggan Original Broadcast January 17, 2024 Watch the Webinar

Don’t Miss The Disc!

Be better at recognizing and diagnosing lumbar disc herniations and radiculopathies. Know when to continue with conservative care, know when to co-manage with a physician and know when to initiate advanced imaging and surgical consult. Lumbar disc herniations are a common presentation in our practices. However, the presentation and symptom patterns can be challenging to recognize; they don't always look like the stereotypical radiculopathy. After years of being a RAC Low Back practitioner and seeing [...]

Debt Elimination Action Plan with Enriched Academy

Many Canadians live paycheque-to-paycheque, have a low savings rate, insufficient retirement funds, and are heavily indebted with both mortgage and consumer debt. Learn to analyze and prioritize your current debts and create an effective, realistic repayment plan with the help of our "Debt Crusher" online tool (you have free access through our online portal). Many people are unaware of just how much their debt is costing them and where to start with a plan of [...]

Difficult Conversations with Patients

Back by popular demand, an interactive discussion on how to have difficult diagnosis conversations and address sensitive topics with patients and caregivers. Speaker Ivan Wanis Ruiz, Dale Carnegie Training Original Broadcast November 15, 2017 Watch Webinar Additional Resources Managing Difficult Encounters: Understanding Physician, Patient, and Situational Factors Personality Disorders: Review and Clinical Application in Daily Practice Having Difficult Conversations: The Advanced Practitioner’s Role Behavioural Insights Group (downloadable PDF document) Downloads Difficult Conversations with Patients; [...]

Practice OpportUnity ’24

Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College 6100 Leslie St., North York, Ontario, Canada

The annual Practice Opportunity event is back at the CMCC campus on Wednesday, Feb. 14, 2024. Practice Opportunity is the ideal venue to connect faculty, chiropractors, and industry vendors with the next generation of chiropractors. Those in attendance include 200 students from the Year IV Class, graduating in June 2024. Students from Years I-III also attend to begin creating bonds and building knowledge of their chosen profession.   Vendor and sponsor information OCA is the [...]

Selling Your Practice Part 2: Tips from a Corporate Lawyer & Paving Your Path to Retirement

This webinar will delve into: • How to facilitate the payment of your sale : All cash deals vs. Earnouts vs. Negotiating ongoing consulting fees • A deeper dive into the pros and cons of an Asset sale vs. Share sale • How to mitigate legal risks and liability when selling your practice • How your employees and staff are affected and why you may have to pay severance • Top considerations when selling your [...]

Tax Savings Strategies, TFSAs & RRSPs

This session offers an introduction to Canada's tax structure and highlights many deductions and tax credits available to lower your taxes. It will also explain the basics of the Tax-Free Savings Account (TFSA) and the Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and how they can be used to invest your money and cut your tax bill. If you don't currently have a TFSA or RRSP or you think it is something you will do "later" — [...]