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Creating an Abundance Mindset and Goal-Setting (Live)

Making a lot of money isn't just about gaining the education or the professional/technical skills to land a high-paying job. There are many intangible factors like your personal attributes and habits that also make a huge contribution to your career/business success and wealth-building efforts. For example, you need to set goals and monitor your progress, maintain your focus on building your personal brand, and continuously invest in yourself. This session will focus on adopting the [...]

Personal Finance Mastery Series: Introduction to Cryptocurrency (Rebroadcast)

Investing in digital currencies can be risky and the price can be volatile, but they also offer the opportunity for high returns and can add diversification to your portfolio. If you have been hearing the buzz around cryptocurrencies and feeling a little intimidated due to the difficult concepts and technology involved, this would be a great session to attend. You will learn the basics of cryptocurrency including blockchain technology, how transactions work and get verified, [...]

Building Your Retirement Dream: How to Create Wealth & Sustainable Retirement Income

The webinar will help you understand how to minimize the risk of depleting your savings during retirement, how to use your corporation to generate retirement income, and how to plan for long-term care and medical expenses in retirement. It will also touch on optimizing tax strategies and making informed decisions regarding your CPP and OAS benefits. Presenter Richard Skeels - Wealth Advisor, CIBC Original Broadcast June 12, 2024 Watch the Webinar