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Money Talk for New Chiropractors (Rebroadcast)

Welcome to life as a chiropractor! In your first five years in practice, you may be paying off school debt, looking for employment, deciding where to live, or thinking about starting a family. This webinar will help you navigate early career decisions that can strengthen your financial future. Speaker Saeed Ally, CIM, CFP, B.Sc., IA Securities Inc. * This webinar was originally broadcast on September 30, 2016 * Watch the Webinar Additional Resources OCA Resources for [...]

Financial Planning for Your Retirement (Rebroadcast)

Thinking about retiring within the next 15 years? If so, you're probably thinking about all the financial and business aspects of selling, transitioning and retiring from your practice. Join us to get an overview of this topic, and how you can find more help. Speaker: Saeed Ally of Manulife Securities Watch Webinar Additional Resources Practice the Long Game: Preparing for Practice Sales & Retirement Tax Implications of Dissolving or Selling Your Practice Practice Valuations [...]

Alleviating Financial Worry During COVID-19: Managing Your Finances

How to prepare and react to economic difficulties. We can't always predict when things like a viral outbreak, recession, or other economic shock happens. But we can be prepared for them when they eventually occur. Tough times don't last! Let's talk about how to make sure you do. We won't be going through government programs in detail, but we will discuss what you can do as a professional and business owner with your savings and [...]

Alleviating Worry During COVID-19: Financial Benefits and Tax Considerations

Guest speaker Shayan Rashid, CPA, CA will discuss financial supports available to chiropractors through various federal and provincial programs to date. Ongoing updates to financial relief programs have resulted in confusion about what programs are applicable to chiropractors and if they meet the right qualifications. A review of the various loan options available to business owners will also be covered. Speakers Shayan Rashid, CPA, CA SRJ Chartered Professional Accountants Watch Webinar Resources Alleviating Worry [...]

Practical Budgeting to Achieve Your Goals (Rebroadcast)

Living within your means is essential to financial stability and success, but traditional budgeting can be tedious and ineffective. Join us to learn a practical method to keep your budget in check that fits with your life and future goals. Speakers Saeed Ally, The Heritage Group – Manulife Securities Watch the Webinar Additional Resources Practical Budgeting to Achieve Your Goals - presentation slides (PDF) The Jar Budget – Microsoft Excel Template Habit Change Worksheet [...]

When to Incorporate a Practice: Converting a Sole Proprietorship to a Corporation (Rebroadcast)

Find out how to convert a sole proprietorship into a corporation in Canada. Limited Liability Protection and Lower Corporate Tax Rate are explained thoroughly in this webinar. Speaker Shayan Rashid, CPA, CA, SRJ Chartered Accountants Original Broadcast May 2, 2019 Watch Webinar Additional Resources Information and resources for incorporating a practice (OCA Legal) Downloads When to Incorporate a Practice: Converting a Sole Proprietorship to a Corporation (Webinar Slides)  

HST: Real Case Scenarios (Rebroadcast)

This webinar will dive into the details of how to file a return with real case common errors and mistakes made by practitioners. SpeakerRishabh Khamersa, SRJ Chartered Accountants Originally BroadcastNovember 23, 2016 Watch the Webinar Additional Resources GST/HST Rules for Payments Between Practitioners ON Chiropractic – HST in the Clinic: HST rules for health care products and services are complex. Get a refresher on the basics. HST refund and avoid an HST audit Tax Tips for [...]

Updates Under the Employment Standards Act (Rebroadcast)

There have been a number of recent changes (and reversals of changes) under the Employment Standards Act. Mills & Mills LLP will provide an update for employers and employees on current rights and obligations. Speaker Reshma Kishnani, Mills and Mills LLP Original Broadcast January 29, 2020 Watch Webinar Additional Resources Bill 47, Making Ontario Open for Business Act, 2018 Your Guide to The Employment Standards Act, Ministry of Labour Employment Standards Act, chiropractic.on.ca2000  Fair [...]

Where Should I Invest Money? Pros & Cons of RRSPs, TFSAs, RESPs and Investments (Rebroadcast)

Investment considerations explained: overview of investment accounts; common mistakes – how RESP investing can go wrong; and insider tips you need to know. Speaker Saeed Ally, CIM, CFP, B.Sc., IA Securities Inc. Original Broadcast May 1, 2019 Watch the Webinar Additional Resources OCA Resources for Accounting & Finance Why TFSAS may beat RRSPs (PDF) The RRSP, the TFSA and the Mortgage: Making the best choice (PDF) The Jar Budget - Microsoft Excel Template Downloads [...]

COVID-19 Relief Updates

The federal and provincial governments have been adapting programs to meet the needs of business owners since the start of the pandemic.  New programs are starting in June 2021 and previously announced programs are coming to an end.  This webinar will review the programs which are ending and highlight the grants available under the new schemes.  Attend this webinar if you would like to learn about qualifying for the government financial relief including the wage [...]