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Personal Finance Mastery Series: How to Manage Credit & Quickly Eliminate Debt

OCA Advance is back in a big way - re-launching with five separate, hour-long Personal Finance Mastery lunch & learn webinars coming up in September 2021 – January 2022. Unbiased, transparent, and fun, these sessions will be hosted by trainers from Enriched Academy – the financial education experts responsible for creating financial certainty for over 150,000 Canadians. Speaker Kevin Cochrane Co-Founder, Enriched Academy Watch Webinar 

Personal Finance Mastery Series: Creating a Roadmap for Financial Certainty

Continuing our Personal Finance Mastery Series – Kevin Cochrane of Enriched Academy asks the question, “Exactly when can you achieve Financial Freedom?” This webinar dives into key personal finance metrics for creating certainty and transforming your financial future for the better. Also discussed are the top spending mistakes to avoid. Speaker Kevin Cochrane Co-Founder, Enrichment Academy Watch Webinar

Personal Finance Mastery Series: How to Invest in Stocks in Any Market Condition

Continuing our Personal Finance Mastery Series – Enriched Academy is back to discuss the essentials for investing in the stock market, in plain language that anyone can understand. You will learn a reliable, powerful system that generates a 6 to 9% return, requires very little maintenance, and can safeguard you from market downturns. The webinar will end with an open, live Q&A with our subject matter expert. Speaker Kevin Cochrane Co-Founder, Enrichment Academy Watch Webinar [...]

Personal Finance Mastery Series: 5-Step System for Investing in Real Estate

Continuing our Personal Finance Mastery Series – You will learn how to analyze real estate investments with a razor focus - whether you’re buying first/principle residence, a vacation property or an investment property. Also discussed here are: 5 disciplines for owning profitable investment properties. 3 key relationships every real estate investor needs and how to create them on your own. Real estate investing secrets not taught anywhere else. How to use Enriched Academy’s proprietary investment [...]

OCA Advance Presents: What Business Expenses Could You Be Deducting?

This webinar will examine the most common mistakes that business owners make when deducting expenses against their revenue. We will also examine the most popular expense categories for health care professionals and categories that are highly auditable. Speaker Kevin Fok, SRJ Chartered Accountants Professional Corporation Original Broadcast January 10, 2018 Watch Webinar Related Webinars Financial Management Webinar Additional Resources Your Financial Journey: Presentation Slides (PDF) What Business Expenses Could You Be Deducting? (PDF)

Debt Elimination Action Plan

This webinar will teach you the facts about debt, help turn your “debt-blues” into a more positive mindset, and build your knowledge, motivation, and commitment to attack your debt. It will also discuss 1) why spending and managing the money you have is a lot more important than raising your income; 2) compound interest; and 3) strategies, methods, and mindset to help you break out from a never-ending cycle of debt payments. Presenter: Kevin Cochrane (CEO, Enriched [...]

Personal Finance Mastery Series: 8 Questions to ask your Financial Advisor

Continuing our Personal Finance Mastery Series – Did you know Canada has the highest financial advisor fees in the world? If you don’t know what your advisor is charging you every year, or where exactly you are invested/what your advisor is doing with your money, or even how to find an advisor with transparent fees then this webinar is for you! You could save tens, if not hundreds of thousands of dollars over your lifetime. [...]

Your Foundation for Wealth

Proven techniques for managing cashflow and getting your household budget on track — and keeping it on track over the long run. If you tried budgeting before and had no success, or you're just tired of not knowing where your money goes every month, this session will help you gain control of your finances. Key Takeaways • Build a budget and actively track where your money goes every month. • Categorize expenses and identify costs [...]

Mortgages and The Home Buying Process

The decision to buy a home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and the process is a little complicated and comes with its own language and rules. It's imperative you understand the ins and outs so you can avoid surprises and ensure you get the best available home for your needs and budget. This session will introduce the basic knowledge required to purchase a home and give you the confidence [...]

Minimizing Tax Pain for OCA Business Owners

Join our financial education partners, Enriched Academy with SRJCA to learn how to take advantage of all the available deductions and benefits available to small business owners. Learning Outcomes: a. How to fully utilize available tax deductions and credits. b. Audit triggers and valuable tips for record keeping. c. When a small business should incorporate and why. Speaker SRJ Chartered Accountants and Enriched Academy Original Broadcast June 21, 2023 Watch the Webinar