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This webinar outlines a proven approach to help you effectively collaborate with primary care providers, like nurse practitioner (NP)s on managing patients with MSK conditions. You’ll learn how to build a rapport with an NP or other primary care provider and coordinate a plan of care to help a patient effectively manage their pain and, in some cases, reduce their reliance on opioids/other medications. The session will also introduce practical tools to support these collaborations, such as the Centre for Effective Practice (CEP)-developed Manual Therapy as an Evidence-Based Referral for Musculoskeletal Pain Clinical Tool and fillable pain reduction forms. And our NP and chiropractor presenters will walkthrough a case study example of the end-to-end process from an NP’s assessment to sharing progress and providing updates on the patient’s outcome.

Dr. Amy Brown B.Sc., D.C. and Kristy Naulls M.N., N.P.

Original Broadcast
May 25, 2022

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