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Chiropractors today frequently see patients who present with neck pain-associated and whiplash-associated disorders. This installment in the Canadian Chiropractic Guideline Initiative (CCGI) series presents two components packed with useful guideline and best practice advice for practitioners to assess, categorize and manage patients who present with neck pain-associated or whiplash-associated disorders.

The first component of this course is a live webinar broadcast at 2 PM on November 30, 2016 where experts Dr. David Whitty and Dr. Joel Weisberg will join Dr. André Bussières as host to explain these new recommendations and how they can be utilized and applied in clinical practice. Learn more about providing multimodal care and how to empower your patients to participate in their treatment using new CCGI video and handout resource materials. The live webinar broadcast will be recorded and made available online to all registrants who are unable to attend the live broadcast.

The second component of this course is an interactive piece developed by CCGI which provides more detail and reference resources about diagnostic triage and treatment of Neck Pain Associated and Whiplash Associated Disorders. This online learning module takes 30 minutes to complete and is available now.