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Here at the OCA, we always learn a lot from getting together with our members. You are insightful, passionate and generous with your experiences. Over the past couple of years, you’ve raised one issue with us again and again — the fact that some topics can be tricky to communicate effectively.

Whether you’re introducing chiropractic to new patients, describing how you can support patients with major health conditions or networking with other health care practitioners, misunderstandings can get in the way of how chiropractic can improve people’s lives and our health care. The OCA is developing a set of communication tools and resources for you to use with patients, other health professionals and fellow chiropractors. To do this right, we need to learn how you communicate clearly about the excellent care you provide.

This spring, we’re visiting six Ontario communities to hear your insights on the most common and challenging conversations that chiropractors have. We hope to benefit from the perspectives of members from all career stages and practice styles in order to develop tools that can have a significant, positive impact in practice.