C-PRIOR Study: Deep dive into chiropractic maintenance care for patients with spinal pain

C-PRIOR Study: Deep dive into chiropractic maintenance care for patients with spinal pain

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Principal investigator: Dr. Martha Funabashi – mfunabashi@cmcc.ca
Co-Investigators: Dr. Katie Pohlman, Sheilah Hogg-Johnson, Murray Townsend, Luciana Macedo, Andreas Eklund
Project Coordinator: Neamat Mowafy – nmowafy@cmcc.ca

The Study

Maintenance care plays a critical role in chiropractic treatment and management of various conditions, including spinal pain. This study aims to identify appropriate patients for a maintenance care approach through a randomized controlled trial using the MAINTAIN instrument in clinical practice.

Previous studies have shown that patients with specific characteristics present less days with pain when treated with a chiropractic maintenance care approach1, 2. Based on these results, the MAINTAIN instrument was developed to identify appropriate patients for a chiropractic maintenance care approach3.

However, a research gap remains: there is a lack of data on the usability and impact of the MAINTAIN instrument when applied in clinical practice.

Commitment From Chiropractors

Contribute just 7.5 hours over a 12-month period! Participating chiropractors will collect data from 15 patients with significant and recurrent spinal pain. Following 6 standard care treatments for each patient, use the MAINTAIN instrument and initial treatment observations to split your patient participants into 3 groups: standard care, symptom-guided care, and maintenance care. Plus, chiropractors will complete questionnaires at the 3-week, 3-, 6-, and 12-month marks for all patients.

We estimate that data collection will take approximately 5-10 minutes per patient at each interaction for a total of 30 minutes over the 12-month period.

Commitment From Patients

Patients will complete an initial questionnaire before receiving 6 standard chiropractic treatments over 3 weeks. Based on their response to treatment and to the MAINTAIN instrument, patients will receive either standard chiropractic treatment, or chiropractic treatment tailored to these responses over 12 months. Patients will also complete questionnaires at the 3-, 6-, and 12-month marks, while responding to text messages regarding their pain bi-weekly.

Next steps → To participate in this study, please complete the Interest Form and the research team will contact you.

All OCA members who participate in this study will be entered into a draw to win 50% off an annual membership fee in the next membership year.

For more information on the study, visit https://www.cmcc.ca/research/c-prior.

Contact Email:  nmowafy@cmcc.ca