Full Time Position Available in Kitchener

Full Time Position Available in Kitchener

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Wilson Health Services, founded in June 2001 by Dr. Jason Wilson, has blossomed into a beacon of multidisciplinary clinical excellence across Cambridge, Guelph, Paris, Kitchener, and Brantford-Paris. Our elite team, comprising Chiropractors, Registered Massage Therapists, Physiotherapists, a Naturopath, and Chiropodists, is dedicated to empowering our patients and the wider community. We are committed to fostering a level of health and vitality that transcends the mere treatment of disease, inspiring a journey towards true wellness from the inside out.

Position Overview

This pivotal role demands a passionate and skilled Chiropractor to lead the assessment and delivery of chiropractic treatments and services, catering to a diverse range of patient care programs, including complex neurological and Musculoskeletal conditions. The successful candidate will collaborate closely with our inter-professional team to tailor the most effective treatment pathways for our patients, adhering to the highest standards of practice within the discipline.

What We Offer

Unprecedented Salary Range: Up to $200,000 per year, reflecting the high value we place on your expertise.
A Nurturing Team Environment: Immerse yourself in our supportive, team-oriented culture.
Work-Life Harmony: Enjoy flexible scheduling that respects your personal time and commitments.
Incentives and Bonuses: Attractive bonus structures to reward your dedication and success.
Technological Efficiency: Benefit from computerized record keeping and electric tables for streamlined operations.
Professional Support: Rely on our administrative staff for appointment bookings and confirmations, allowing you to focus on patient care.
A Progressive Workplace: Join a forward-thinking company that’s on a robust growth trajectory.
Steady Patient Flow: Our strong marketing ensures you have a consistent patient base.
Prime Location: Our clinics are conveniently situated to serve our communities effectively.

Key Qualifications

Registration: Current registration and good standing with The College of Chiropractors of Ontario.
Insurance: Must possess professional liability insurance.
Communication: Exceptional verbal and communication skills, with a team-player mindset.
Professionalism: Detail-oriented, reliable, and dedicated approach to work.
Independence: Self-motivated and mature, capable of autonomous practice.
Confidence: A robust decision-maker, eager to promote your skills.
Experience: Proven skillset, with a preference for candidates with significant experience.
Customer Service: A strong focus on delivering superior patient care.
Passion: A heartfelt commitment to aiding others through the healing benefits of Chiropractic care.

Join us at Wilson Health Services and be part of a team that’s revolutionizing holistic health care in our communities.
Apply today to embark on a rewarding career path where your contributions are truly valued.

Contact Email:  drjay5440@yahoo.com