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What is the Partnership4BetterHealth?

Chiropractic care helps thousands across Ontario and Canada every day. We know chiropractors want to best serve you and your health care needs. Reaching out to gather feedback from patients like you, will ensure we hear your voice. So, you can help shape chiropractic care in Ontario.

With that in mind, we’ve launched the Partnership4BetterHealth. It’s an online community for chiropractic patients to share their experiences and recommendations for our members to hear.

Whether you’re new to chiropractic treatment or a veteran, your care matters.

We’ve created this online community to help us learn and act on what matters to patients and other Ontarians. Through the Partnership, we’ll securely gather insights from people like you and use them to enhance Ontario patients’ chiropractic care experience.

By answering 10 questions, in less than 10 minutes, twice a month, you can make a difference and see Your Voice in Action!

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Why Join the Partnership4BetterHealth Community?

Your voice and care matters. To enhance Ontarians’ care, we need to hear about your expectations, experiences and recommendations.

The Partnership is a forum for you and other Ontarians to share your thoughts and recommendations, confidentially. You’ll take part in short activities like surveys and virtual focus groups to share your feedback.

Here’s an example of a question you may receive on a survey: Do you feel you are treated as an equal partner in your chiropractic care?

Your privacy is our priority. We won’t share your email or answers that could identify you. However, we will share our overall findings with you, so you can see your Voice in Action.

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How it Works

Once you click the ‘Join Now’ button above you will be taken directly to our community platform that is hosted by Alida (previously known as Vision Critical). Alida is simply a software platform that enables us to manage our community. So, all the information and feedback you share through this platform to help shape chiropractic care in Ontario will remain strictly with the Ontario Chiropractic Association.

You can visit our Policy and Terms of Use page for more information.

For Chiropractors – Refer Your Patients and Caregivers

If you’re a chiropractor and would like to refer your patients, click the button below to access a pitch perfect blurb, plus other resources, templates and tools to help you advance the partnership.

How Chiropractors Can Help Advance the Partnership

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We know this sounds great, but expect you’ll have questions. To ensure we answer them, here are answers to key questions you may have about how you can shape chiropractic care in Ontario.

If you have further questions, please contact us or Jillian Fernandez, our Manager of Stakeholder Relations, at

The Partnership4BetterHealth is an online patient and family advisory panel designed to help Ontario’s chiropractors learn what’s most important to you and other patients. As a Partnership member, you’ll be invited to confidentially provide thoughts and recommendations about your health care experience through short online surveys and focus groups.

Please note, your personal information and direct feedback will NEVER be shared with anyone. We’ll only share an overall analysis of feedback gathered and will report back to you on how your information was used — so you can see the difference you are making for Ontarians. We call that Your Voice in Action.

Every month you will receive an invitation to participate in a short survey or virtual focus group to help us learn your opinion, feedback and recommendations on different health care preferences, challenges, and expectations.

There are also many ways for you to participate in the Partnership. You can make a post, reply to other people’s posts and comments, “like” posts, stay updated with our blog, take quick polls or participate in a discussion forum, as well as surveys and focus groups.

You’ll be contacted twice a month by email to participate in new activities. You can also log in and check your available activities on the Partnership’s home page. It’s always your choice to participate. However, the more you do, the greater your chance to win rewards and access exclusive content.

The short surveys we send you are designed to take approximately 10 minutes of your time.

Your personal information and direct feedback will NEVER be shared with anyone. The OCA will only share an overall analysis and findings of feedback gathered.
We will report back to you on how we use your information so that you can see the difference you are making for Ontarians. We call that Your Voice in Action.

Your Voice in Action is a section on our Partnership platform that shows how we used general demographic data, overall findings, as well as your feedback and recommendations, to help shape health care, chiropractic programs and initiatives.

Information, such as your name, birthdate and income, are factors used to better understand your interests and profile. Without them, statistically accurate results for studies and other research are not possible. Protecting your privacy is a high priority. Click here to view our complete Privacy Policy.

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