Knitted Bliss: Stretches and Exercises for Knitting Pain & Strains Video


Description: In this video done in collaboration with the OCA, blogger Knitted Bliss describes chiropractor-recommended stretches and exercises for knitting pain and strains.

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00:00:06,900 –> 00:00:10,540Hi, I’m Julie Crawford of
00:00:10,540 –> 00:00:13,940I’ve been knitting almost daily for about nine years now
00:00:13,940 –> 00:00:18,370and every so often, after a marathon knitting session
00:00:18,370 –> 00:00:19,860with my favorite TV show
00:00:19,860 –> 00:00:22,140or binge watching a bunch of movies,
00:00:22,140 –> 00:00:24,150I find that I can definitely get some stiffness,
00:00:24,150 –> 00:00:27,970especially in my neck and my shoulders and my wrists.
00:00:27,970 –> 00:00:30,430We all know we’re supposed to take breaks regularly
00:00:30,430 –> 00:00:33,670and stretch, but how many of us actually do that?
00:00:33,670 –> 00:00:36,630So today I’ve got some tips from Ontario’s chiropractors
00:00:36,630 –> 00:00:40,170on how you can do some simple exercises
00:00:40,170 –> 00:00:43,060to help prevent injury and stiffness
00:00:43,060 –> 00:00:46,190and you don’t even have to get up off your couch.
00:00:46,190 –> 00:00:49,210First thing I do is whenever I get to the end of my round
00:00:49,210 –> 00:00:51,720or my row, I do a posture check.
00:00:51,720 –> 00:00:53,350I’m terrible for hunching over my knitting
00:00:53,350 –> 00:00:54,380so the first thing I do is make sure
00:00:54,380 –> 00:00:56,820I’ve got my shoulders back and down
00:00:56,820 –> 00:00:59,382and that I’ll engage my abdominal muscles as well
00:00:59,382 –> 00:01:01,860to help provide some extra support.
00:01:01,860 –> 00:01:03,390If you find that you get a stiff back
00:01:03,390 –> 00:01:04,820while you’re sitting on your couch and knitting,
00:01:04,820 –> 00:01:08,020you might want to use a cushion underneath your lower back
00:01:08,020 –> 00:01:10,290for some better lumbar support.
00:01:10,290 –> 00:01:12,180It helps prevent some stiffness and pain
00:01:12,180 –> 00:01:14,573associated with sitting still for a long time.
00:01:20,660 –> 00:01:22,210Now for my shoulders, again,
00:01:22,210 –> 00:01:24,370I make sure I’m sitting up nice and tall,
00:01:24,370 –> 00:01:27,110and then I do three exercises.
00:01:27,110 –> 00:01:30,833I lift my shoulders up as if I’m trying to touch my ears,
00:01:32,160 –> 00:01:34,121and then the cat will meow,
00:01:34,121 –> 00:01:36,373and then I lower them back down.
00:01:37,430 –> 00:01:39,330Then, I try and push them back as if
00:01:39,330 –> 00:01:44,330I’m squeezing my shoulder blades together and then again,
00:01:44,440 –> 00:01:48,220to a resting position and then I try and push them down
00:01:50,130 –> 00:01:51,900and again, to a resting position.
00:01:51,900 –> 00:01:53,740I cycle through those three exercises
00:01:53,740 –> 00:01:55,600and they help relieve a lot of tension
00:01:55,600 –> 00:01:57,283that builds up in my shoulders.
00:02:04,510 –> 00:02:06,640Now for my hands and my wrists,
00:02:06,640 –> 00:02:09,890I will stretch my fingers as far as they’ll go,
00:02:09,890 –> 00:02:14,080clench them into fists and I’ll repeat that a few times.
00:02:14,080 –> 00:02:17,050And for my wrists, you wanna use a flat surface
00:02:17,050 –> 00:02:17,883and a weight.
00:02:17,883 –> 00:02:18,716I have a hand weight.
00:02:18,716 –> 00:02:20,330You could also use a can of soup.
00:02:20,330 –> 00:02:21,390You make sure your forearm
00:02:21,390 –> 00:02:23,470is nice and straight and supported.
00:02:23,470 –> 00:02:25,330You can use your hand weight
00:02:25,330 –> 00:02:26,670where you can lower it down
00:02:26,670 –> 00:02:29,230so that it’s off of the table surface
00:02:29,230 –> 00:02:31,540and using only your wrist muscles,
00:02:31,540 –> 00:02:34,520you’re just going to raise and lower it slowly
00:02:34,520 –> 00:02:36,970without moving the rest of your arm.
00:02:36,970 –> 00:02:41,200This will help reduce the risk of strain and injury
00:02:41,200 –> 00:02:42,860and help strengthen your muscles
00:02:46,440 –> 00:02:49,483because petting a cat won’t do it all by itself.
00:02:50,360 –> 00:02:53,100Of course, if you are actually experiencing any pain
00:02:53,100 –> 00:02:55,010or regular stiffness from your in knitting
00:02:55,010 –> 00:02:56,880then please don’t ignore it.
00:02:56,880 –> 00:03:00,220Go see a chiropractor who can provide exercises and tips
00:03:00,220 –> 00:03:03,340for getting you back to some pain-free knitting.
00:03:03,340 –> 00:03:05,540Thank you to the Ontario Chiropractic Association
00:03:05,540 –> 00:03:07,220for sponsoring this video.
00:03:07,220 –> 00:03:09,330If you live in Ontario, you can actually find
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