Join the OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council Today and Impact your Future

We think students and new graduates are the best voices to inform new programs and services for them.

Join the new OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council and counsel the Ontario Chiropractic Association (OCA) on key initiatives that support the promotion of our great profession. Share your ideas and give advice on ways to improve and develop better supports for students and new graduates.

The OCA is creating a new OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council to better support your needs and interests as you learn and practice in Ontario. The Council will advise the OCA on key initiatives that support the advancement of our great profession in Ontario.

About the OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council

The OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council is a group of dynamic chiropractic students and early career chiropractors who meet as a group and advise the OCA on topics impacting students.

The purpose of the OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council is to:

  • Empower chiropractic students and early career chiropractors to give meaningful input on association decisions and initiatives that affect them
  • Help the OCA improve and develop better student and new graduate supports
  • Give students and new graduates  an opportunity to learn about and become engaged in the work of the OCA to help shape the future of the profession
  • Create networking opportunities for Council members

Are you interested in this leadership opportunity?

The OCA is looking for:

  • One chiropractic student from each year of study, from year 1 to year 4 from the Canadian Memorial Chiropractic College (CMCC)
  • Two chiropractic students studying outside Ontario but who plan to practice in Ontario
  • Four chiropractic members of the association in good standing who have been practicing for less than six years since graduation.
  • One chiropractic student representative from CMCC Students Council

The OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council will be chaired by one OCA senior management team member and another staff person will serve as Committee Secretary.

Logistics: Your Time Commitment

Commit to giving one year of service on this important council. Extensions in one year increments may be granted at the discretion of the OCA.


The OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council meets in person each fall in Toronto. Virtual meetings will be scheduled up to four times a year. The first in-person meeting is November 2nd, 2019.  

  • Pre-approved travel and hotel expenses for out-of-town participants will be reimbursed for the in-person meeting

Are you ready to join the OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council?

We welcome your application to become a member of the OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council if you are:

  1. Attending or graduated from a chiropractic college
  2. Planning to practice or practice in Ontario
  3. An active member in good standing with the OCA within five years of practice since graduating and obtaining your license in Ontario

Selection Criteria and Process

Applying to join the OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council is simple and fair. Selection will be based on your resume and your 200-word max response to this question:

  • “What have you done, or would like to do, so that all students can be involved and interested in the development of the chiropractic profession and have their voices heard?” 

Applicants will be contacted for a 30-minute phone interview. The OCA reserves the right to request references from any candidate, following the interview process.

The OCA Student and New Graduate Advisory Council will ensure the council is diverse, including different perspectives and voices.

Members chosen to interview for the 2019-20 council will receive a confirmation email by October 4th, 2019.

If you have any questions about the application or selection process, please email

Thank-you for for your interest. Applications are now closed for 2019/2020.