Practice Opportunity Conference 2018

On February 14th, the OCA joined in the action at CMCC for the 2018 Practice Opportunity Conference. We brought back the popular Practice Realities Panel – a dynamic sharing of real life scenarios and discussion with four chiropractic pros. Students had an invaluable opportunity to connect with practicing chiropractors at our Speed Mentoring event. At our booth, students met with OCA team members in casual conversation to learn more about membership benefits and get an exclusive advance look at our new OCA ASPIRE software.

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The OCA is committed to supporting students along their journey to becoming licensed chiropractors.

Taking Students To The Cloud: OCA Booth

This year our booth was a progressive digital hub; hardwired to connect students with new online tools to build a practice post-grad. OCA team members connected with students to demonstrate innovative next level tools and software like ASPIRE.

Just like the next generation of chiropractors, we place a lot of value on new technology to build, retain and create practice efficiencies. Practice OpportUnity ’18 provided a wonderful opportunity to introduce students to our latest tech innovation. OCA’s ASPIRE: our new software will enable a practice to go paperless, it’s voice enabled, and it will allow for offsite access and auto backup. ASPIRE was designed with input for chiropractors.

Feel The Love: OCA Speed Mentoring Event

An amazing opportunity for a fun, high energy Q&A with established chiropractors that left participants enriched with new knowledge and valuable insights. Student feedback was that they loved the experience and wished the event had gone on longer. We were thrilled the event sold out. Our Mentors for Practice OpportUnity ’18 were Dr. Erika Kuehnel, Dr. Sapna Sriram and Dr. Joel Weisberg. To learn more about our Mentors click here.

In Real Life: Practice Realities Panel

Left to Right: Dr. Geoff Outerbridge, Dr. Melanie Abbott-Cambridge, Dr. Richard Magder and Dr. Nekessa Remy

This year’s Practice OpportUnity ’18 panel featured four professionals with dynamically diverse career paths. They shared real life scenarios and some of the challenges they faced establishing their careers as successful chiropractors. Students got to engage with Dr. Geoff Outerbridge, Dr. Melanie Abbott-Cambridge, Dr. Richard Magder and Dr. Nekessa Remy – a truly inspiring experience!

Panel Videos



Case Study 1

Judy is just 1 month out of chiropractic school and is eager to start a practice.  She has an opportunity to buy a sustainable chiropractic clinic and is facing negotiation challenges with the current owner. Watch to find out what real life experience and advice the panel shares here.

Panel Questions:

  • What do you determine to be Judy’s options? How would you weigh them if you were her?
  • What variables would you consider?
  • What resources and support are needed for Judy to make an informed decision?


Case Study 2

Tom graduated with a significant student loan and spent months looking for an associate opportunity. He finally received an offer and relocated to the small town. During his initial 3 months at the clinic, he’s had disagreements with the owner and his contract includes a non-competition clause precluding Tom from practicing elsewhere in town. Watch the video to find out what advice our panel has about Tom’s scenario.

Panel Questions:

  • What strategies could Tom use to resolve or repair the relationship?
  • Was there a time in your career when your values, approaches to care or business ideals didn’t align with another clinician?
  • What factors does Tom need to consider when making his next career move?


Case Study 3

Cindy opened a new clinic 6 months ago. She’s built a seemingly solid foundation for her practice and is generating a lot of new patients from her community involvement and social media presence. Her clinic was in a steep growth curve, but is now slowing down and she is noticing patients are not returning to follow her treatment plans. Click the video link to find out what our panel said about this situation.

Panel Questions:

  • What factors might be causing Cindy’s patient attrition?
  • What could she do to increase patient retention?
  • How can Cindy create a meaningful patient experience?


Audience Questions & Answers

Key Takeaways


On Point Panelists!


Dr. Geoff Outerbridge
Dr. Geoff Outerbridge studied human kinetics at Guelph University and graduated with a master of neuroscience. He started his career at Waterloo University in back pain research for the Ontario Universities Back Pain Study. Before attending CMCC, Dr. Outerbridge started an ergonomics consulting company. After graduating in 2001, he owned a multidisciplinary health clinic in Ottawa for ten years. After selling his practice, he joined World Spine Care, an international non-profit, and moved his family to Botswana to establish WSC clinics. Dr. Outerbridge currently runs a part-time clinical practice in Ottawa, but is still a WSC clinical director. In this international role, he continues to be involved with WSC clinics in Botswana, the Dominican Republic, Ghana and India, and he develops new projects in other countries.



Dr. Melanie Abbott-Cambridge
Dr. Melanie Abbott-Cambridge attended Brock University for community health sciences. While at university, she competed internationally with the Canadian National Rowing Team. She graduated from CMCC in 2011. Since then Dr. Abbott-Cambridge has continued her education with a focus on acupuncture, female care, pregnancy and pediatric care, as she’s interested working with expecting mothers (post-partum care) and young children. She’s still active in rowing through coaching and lecturing on injury prevention, rehabilitation and performance. At her Brampton clinic she is pleased to work with her dad, Dr. David Abbott, her husband, Dr. Edward Cambridge and her cousin, Dr. Danielle Wiesner – a well-rounded family business.



Dr. Richard Magder
Dr. Richard Magder, a 2016 graduate, quickly built a busy practice and developed a strong network by taking a leadership role in his Shelburne community. Dr. Magder is highly active in his locality as a rotary club and legion member, Christmas food drive organizer for the local food bank, running course facilitator with an area gym, local farmers’ market chair, and he co-hosted his community’s first Health & Wellness Expo. In less than a year, Dr. Magder has built a thriving practice from scratch, and actively developed partnerships with other health professionals providing shared care.





Dr. Nekessa Remy
Dr. Nekessa Remy has 15 years’ experience in the rehabilitation field, Dr. Nekessa Remy is a leading health and wellness expert, with a passion for sports injury prevention and empowering people to be their own health champions. She has presented at sports clubs and for sports teams. Her philosophy is based on the belief that healthy living is a human right, not a privilege. Through media appearances, including CTV and Breakfast Television, seminars and her blog, Dr. Remy regularly shares her expertise to educate others on how to become their own health advocates.