Practice Opportunity Conference 2016

As a proud sponsor of the 2016 Practice OpportUnity Conference at CMCC, the OCA is continuing to help students get started on the track to success. Students were thrilled to speak with practicing chiropractors at our Speed Mentoring event, get valuable insights from our Practice Realities Panel, find out more about membership benefits and get a sneak peek at the development of the OCA EHR software.

OCA Booth at CMCC Tradeshow

The OCA booth attracted many students with its contests and the opportunity to engage with OCA staff in conversations about membership, mentorship and a demo of new EHR practice software. In one contest draw, we asked students what motivated them to become chiropractors.


Answers included:


  • I loved my chiro growing up and I want to help people the way I was helped.
  • I want to have a meaningful job.
  • I want to help people feel better in their bodies.
  • I enjoy working with my hands.
  • I want to help people move better.
  • I know first-hand the effects that chiropractic can have on pain.
  • I want to help people live happy healthy lives.
  • I love anatomy and how the body moves and works.
  • I want to work with athletes.
  • I want a physical job that is mentally challenging.
  • I want to deliver sustainable, preventative, low-cost health care.
  • I want to empower patients to take their health into their own hands.
  • I want to help people get back to the things they love.
  • I want to make a difference in the health and wellbeing of my community.
  • I was inspired by my mentor and I experienced the benefits of chiropractic myself at a young age.

Speed Mentoring

Students signing up for Speed Mentoring
Dr. Claudia Machiella offering Speed Mentoring
Dr. Joel Weisberg offering Speed Mentoring

Dr. Claudia Machiella and Dr. Joel Weisberg were available at the OCA tradeshow booth for half hour speed mentoring appointments throughout the day. These appointment slots filled up within the first hour and the speed mentoring was well received by students who participated.

Practice Realities Panel

The 2016 Practice Realities Panel presentation brought together a range of perspectives and insights to help students in launching their career in the profession. This year’s panel shared key takeaways on building a patient-centred practice, integrating patient feedback and developing interprofessional relationships.

1. Practice Realities 2016 – Introductions

2. Practice Realities 2016 – Patient-Centred Care

3. Practice Realities 2016 – Collaborative Care

4. Practice Realities 2016 – Professional Development

5. Practice Realities 2016 – Key Takeaways + Q & A

About the Panelists

Dr. Hilary Allen, H.B.Kin, D.C., CAFCI, ART

Dr. Hillary Allen earned her Doctor of Chiropractic degree from CMCC in 2004, following her Honours Bachelor of Kinesiology Degree from McMaster University.

Shortly after graduation, Dr. Allen began working at the Active Therapy Clinic at The Granite Club in Toronto. While there, she treated a wide variety of patients including Olympic medalists and National Champions in the affiliated Elite Figure Skating Program.

In 2007, Dr. Allen moved to Cobourg and opened Cobourg Orthopaedic & Sports Injury Clinic with her husband, a physiotherapist. Since then, the clinic has grown to include 11 practitioners. The clinic offers physiotherapy, chiropractic, chiropody, massage therapy, pelvic health, acupuncture, shockwave, ART, occupational therapy, custom bracing, yoga therapy, pilates and personal training. Dr. Allen’s team focuses on individualized care and evidence informed practice to promote efficient and effective healthcare.

Dr. Allen works to balance her clinical practice with the demands of running a business. She enjoys mentoring students interested in pursuing healthcare related careers and participating in community events, fitness classes, yoga and running.

Dr. Sarah Simison, BHK, DC

Dr. Sarah Simison is an avid trail runner, cyclist, a newbie mountain biker, an aspiring triathlete and a hopeful Ironwoman. She graduated from CMCC in 2010 and began practicing as an associate in Oakville.

For the first four months she worked as a Locum Chiropractor while the owner of the clinic was on maternity leave, while also building her own practice. A year later, she moved to Whitby and became an associate at Peak Health and Wellness where she has built a strong practice which offers her the flexibility of working close enough to home to walk to work.

Dr. Simison integrates Acupuncture, ART and Graston into her chiropractic treatments. She treats a variety of patients including family practice, triathletes, runners, pregnant women and babies. She uses a variety of educational approaches with her patients and promotes their involvement in their own care.

At the time of the 2016 Practice Realities Panel, Dr. Simison was currently 4 months pregnant and reflecting on her experience as a locum as she prepares for four months of maternity leave. She shared her insights on the hurdles of initial practice set up, the pros and cons of being an associate in a multidisciplinary practice, and the steps she took to build a strong practice.

Dr. Scott Wilson, DC

A CMCC graduate, Dr. Scott Wilson has been practicing since 1994. He is the Chairman & CEO of Physiomed, one of Canada’s largest and fastest growing franchised networks of interdisciplinary paramedical health clinics.

Physiomed clinics offer Physiotherapy, Chiropractic, Chiropody, Naturopathy and Massage Therapy and more. With over 30 locations across Southern Ontario and Western Canada, Physiomed has a dedicated team of hundreds of highly skilled healthcare professionals from over a dozen disciplines working to improve the health and wellness of Canadians. This team includes a number of CMCC graduates who have been personally mentored by Dr. Wilson and who now own and operate their own Physiomed clinics.