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Seeking Chiropractor (Independent Contractor position) to work in multidisciplinary health and wellness practice – Woodstock, ON

Seeking Chiropractor (Independent Contractor position) to work in multidisciplinary health and wellness practice – Woodstock, ON

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Journey Well Health and Wellness is searching for health and wellness practitioners, in an independent contractor capacity, who can provide services as a chiropractor.

If you are regulated, client focused, growth-minded, and registered in good standing with your governing body, then we are interested in speaking with you about joining our supportive multidisciplinary team.

Journey Well currently offers psychotherapy, counselling, and wellness services to promote overall health and wellbeing for our clients with both virtual and in-person sessions provided out of our main office space in Woodstock, Ontario. Our mission is to meet clients where they are at, providing a safe therapeutic relationship to help individuals, couples, and families enact personal change in the present while creating new possibilities for the future. Our service providers use informed, evidence-based models and treatments that collaborate with clients’ expertise, goals, and intentions for their lives.

Qualifications / Requirements

  • Regulated, client focused, and growth-minded practitioner
  • Fully registered and in good standing with your governing body
  • Interested in independent/self-employed practice within a group practice setting


  • We are seeking providers with at least 2 years’ experience in working directly with clients in your specific field

Qualities and Skills

  • Adherence to ethics applicable to your field of practice
  • Dedication to applicable field of practice standards
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills
  • Interest in independent contractor/self-employment opportunities
  • Interest in actively participating in a group practice setting with other health & wellness practitioners
  • Passion for professional growth and improvement


  • We will require at least 2 professional references

Schedule and Location

  • Woodstock office located on Princess Street
  • You will set your own schedule, with consideration given to availability of office space for in-person appointments


  • Ability to create your own schedule
  • Advantage of connecting with other therapists who can offer a sense of community and support


  • Relevant Education and registration in good standing with your governing body

Closing date: 19 August 2022.  

Discussions with successful candidates will be scheduled in September.

Anticipated start date is as early as 1 October 2022 (but flexible).

Contact Email: