Practice for Sale (Owner Stepping Down) – Powell River, BC

Practice for Sale (Owner Stepping Down) – Powell River, BC

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Looking to transition out of a management/ownership role and into a contractor/employee role due to a change in life circumstance. The space was leased 2 years ago (5 year lease w/ option to extend) and I invested 200k in leasehold improvements to design a one-of-a-kind multidisciplinary clinic on the waterfront in Powell River, BC. Enjoy your huge, bright office along with daily whale sightings.

Clinic is 3300sq/ft and rent is $12/sq ft + $1/sq ft triple net. Waterfront views walking distance from the Comox/Vancouver Island ferry.
Includes a Class IV LiteCure 9W Laser, an older Storz Shockwave machine, a 1000 sq ft gym with cardio, weights, KB’s, and Swiss machine.
FootMaxx 3D laser scanner and Dynamic Mat Scanner.
Two admin staff that have been with the clinic 2 & 6 years.
Exclusive Contract with SureHire for drug & occupational testing; PainBC location for Making Sense of Pain course hosted in partnership with VK Community Connections (local non-profit organization).
Exclusive relationship with Qathet Regional District to provide ergonomic assessments.
On contract: 1 full-time chiropractor (plus myself as part-time), 1 RMT, 2 Bodyworkers, 3 Counsellors, 1 Acupuncturist
On Space-Share agreements: 3 counsellors, 1 mind/body healer with well established clientele, 1 financial wellness consultant
There are 8 treatment rooms PLUS a gym PLUS a small yoga studio space where group classes are held.

Programming includes: Chair yoga, Spinal stenosis bootcamp, Chronic pain classes

Will sell on a monthly payment plan with $10k deposit.

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